Korea to lift all mandatory ‘outdoor’ masks from next week

September 23, 2022 5:49 PM

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A citizen removes a mask on his way to work in downtown Seoul on the 23rd

The Korean government has decided to completely cancel the obligation to wear a mask outdoors from the 26th.

The biggest change is that you no longer have to wear a mask when you watch a performance or sporting event outdoors. The same goes for taking part in rallies or outdoor demonstrations.

Earlier, the government eased the obligation to wear an outdoor mask from May 2. From then on, all individuals were allowed to wear an outdoor mask voluntarily according to the situation, but attendees of gatherings of 50 or more or spectators of performances and sporting competitions of 50 or more are still required to wear masks.

Mitigate Corona measures gradually from this year onwards.. Maintain indoor mask duty

South Korea has been easing quarantine measures due to COVID-19 since April this year.

For example, social distancing, which had been in force since March 2020, was completely lifted on April 18, after around two years and a month.

This measure was made to completely cancel the mandatory outdoor mask wearing around 17 months after the mandatory outdoor mask wearing, where a distance of 2m or more between people, including the entire indoor area, was not maintained from one month April 2021.

A student wearing a mask and two students removing a mask walk together on campus

photo source, News1

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A student wearing a mask and two students removing a mask walk together at Yeungnam University’s Gyeongsan campus on the afternoon of the 23rd.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said in remarks at the Corona 19 Central Security and Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters meeting presided over at the government complex in Seoul on the 23rd, “We are clearly beyond the barrier of the resurgence of Corona 19. Taking this into consideration, low-risk quarantine regulations will be raised one by one after gathering expert opinion. “

The Korean government is also considering abolishing the mandatory DNA amplification (PCR) test upon entry from abroad. The PCR test, which was mandatory before entering from abroad, was abolished from the 3rd.

In the meantime, the duty to wear a mask indoors, which has attracted a lot of attention, will be maintained in the future.

Prime Minister Han explained that the measures were taken considering the increase in flu patients and the possibility of re-infection of COVID-19 in the winter, and it is expected that wearing masks indoors will be lifted around spring next. year.

Neighboring countries also eased Corona measures. Free travel to Japan will resume next month

Not only Korea, but also neighboring countries have started to ease measures against COVID-19.

In particular, the Japanese government has decided to allow foreigners to travel without a visa starting next month.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, announced at a press conference held in New York on the 22nd that foreigners can enter Japan without a visa. According to Japanese media reports, Prime Minister Kishida announced that from the 11th of next month, the upper limit of 50,000 arrivals per day will be abolished and foreigners will be allowed to travel to Japan without a visa.

On the same day, Digital Award winner Taro Kono also tweeted, “Finally, Japan will reopen its borders.”

Taro Kono Digital AwardTweet

Japan, which has been called ‘the country that has implemented the world’s strongest COVID-19 regulations’, strengthened its regulations in March 2020 and effectively banned foreign tourists from entering the country. From June 10, about two years and three months later, the Japanese government allowed only tourists from travel agencies to enter the country.

With this measure, since the Japanese government allows free travel, Korean tourists can stay in Japan for up to 90 days without a visa in about two years and seven months.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government is expected to ease the quarantine conditions for COVID-19 for incoming travelers by November this year. Hong Kong media reports that the Hong Kong government is expected to make an announcement this week.

Hong Kong has banned the entry of people without a resident visa from March 25, 2020 due to COVID-19 measures. In the second half of last year, non-residents were allowed to enter some countries temporarily, including Korea, but were soon banned again.

In particular, Hong Kong suffered a crisis as the number of confirmed cases increased with the arrival of Omicron at the end of last year, and the quarantine situation worsened.

As the situation improved again, Hong Kong allowed entry to non-residents without a visa from 1 May. However, the duty to vaccinate and test negative for COVID-19 at the point of departure, PCR test and rapid antigen test received at the airport upon arrival, and quarantine measures for 7 days at the hotel were carried out.

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