Korea-US summit, South Korea-Japan summit debate failed…尹 Summit Diplomacy Waves from New York

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The summit diplomacy with the United States and Japan, which was promoted by President Yoon Seok-yeol on his visit to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly, faced a result.

This is because evaluations that the Korea-US-Korea-Japan summit, which the presidential office promised to hold early, did not meet expectations in various aspects, including process, format, and content.

Initially, these talks were expected to make progress on the biggest issues, such as US concerns about discrimination against Korean electric vehicles and reparations for forced labor during the Japanese occupation, or at least become an opportunity for full talks.

Right now, the opposition parties, including the Democratic Party of Korea, are on the offensive, calling it a “diplomatic disaster.”

President Yoon held a meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for about 30 minutes near the United Nations General Assembly in Manhattan, New York on the 21st (local time).

This is the first Korea-Japan summit since the establishment of the Yun Seok-yeol administration and the first individual summit between the two leaders since December 2019.

It is meaningful as it has opened the door to dialogue between the leaders for the restoration and development of Korea-Japan relations, and accordingly, the consultation between the two countries will be accelerated.

The leaders of South Korea and Japan also reaffirmed the need to improve relations and their will to respond jointly to North Korea’s nuclear program.

However, looking at the announcements from the president’s office, etc., it seems that there has been no visible progress in terms of forced labour, which is ‘standard’.

Unlike the previous summit, not all the comments were published, and there were no reporters.

It is read as evidence of the ongoing turmoil, with both countries not confirming the incident itself until the last minute.

Unlike Korea, which is defined as ‘brief meeting’, the Japanese side used the term ‘gandam’ to reduce its meaning.

Korea-US summit, South Korea-Japan summit debate…尹 summit diplomacy failed 'New York wave'

The Korea-US summit between President Yoon and US President Joe Biden failed.

President Yoon even attended the Global Fund’s 7th ‘7th Financial Commitment Meeting’ hosted by President Biden, which was not scheduled on the same day, but only for a period he briefly met the leader of the United States at the site.

The presidential office later said in a press release that the two leaders met once in England and twice in New York to discuss the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), financial stabilization cooperation, and containment of expansion. .

Of course, the cancellation of the Korea-US summit is inevitable as President Biden’s stay in New York has been cut short.

Subsequently, the meeting of Korean-American scientists during President Yun’s economic schedule was greatly reduced, and the president’s attendance at the Korea-US Startup Summit and K-Brand Expo were canceled.

In the midst of this, President Yoon’s sensitive comments that seemed to be aimed at the US Congress as he left the ‘Global Fund’ meeting room were also captured on video, increasing the wave.

In the video, President Yoon told Foreign Minister Park Jin, who was present, “If these XXs do not approve in the National Assembly, what should Biden do?”

As for the ‘wave of summit diplomacy from New York’, there is an opinion that the president’s office is hasty and has raised expectations.

In a multilateral conference where the schedules of leaders of dozens of countries overlap and there are many variables, the diplomatic schedule with the main countries, the United States and Japan, is said to have been announced too hastily, although the bilateral timetables are published. very likely to change.

When President Yoon visited Spain in June to attend the NATO summit, the first Korea-Finland summit was canceled due to NATO membership issues.

In particular, some point out that the Korea-Japan summit should have taken into account the practice of the two countries of announcing ‘confirmation of the summit’ at the same time, and the domestic situation of Prime Minister Kishida, who has to look at the opinion of the conservatives, which is the basis of political support.

The Democratic Party immediately launched an offensive, calling it a “diplomatic disgrace.”

Following the controversy surrounding the “cancellation of condolences” by President Yoon, who visited London to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England before his visit to the United States, it is an attempt to focus on President Yoon’s diplomatic abilities by using the wave of the Korea-US-Korea-Japan summit as a liaison.

Park Hong-geun, the floor leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, criticized during a policy coordination meeting on the same day, saying, “We should take responsibility for the disgrace of international diplomacy, which has no purpose, strategy or achievement for the summit. diplomacy.”

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