Korea-US Venture Capital Forms $200 Million Joint Fund to Help Korean Startups Venture Globally – WOWTALE

The ‘Korea-US Joint Fund Formation Agreement Ceremony’, which will be a stepping stone for Korean startups to advance into the global market, was held at the ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’ (hereinafter referred to as the Summit) held at Pier 17, New York, USA on the 21st (local time) by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups.

A total of 215 million won is created by Korea Venture Investment, which operates a parent fund, and US venture capitals ‘RPS Ventures’, ‘Millenium Technology Value Partners’ and ‘Applied Ventures’ It supports investment and overseas expansion of K-startups. through a $10,000 mutual fund.

The joint fund expects that K-Startups will form a network with global venture capital and will be of great help in attracting investment and moving forward into the global market.

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups Young Lee, Bhatia Google VP (VP), Rosenberg Oracle SVP (SVP), Park Won-ki, CEO of Naver Cloud, Gong Young-woon, President of Hyundai Motor Company, Kabir Misra, RPS Ventures (RPS ) Ventures) and others are holding a ‘K-Startup Joint Nurturing Ceremony’ to pray for the growth of K-Startup to become a big global startup (unicorn).

At the ceremony, as the attendees lit the lights of the statue which symbolizes ‘K (K)-Startup’, the scene where ‘Star’, which means startup, flies high in the sky and grows into a unicorn along with the magnificent music of the participants. pledged to cooperate and grow the Korean-US startup ecosystem.

Minister Lee Young said, “Through this summit, it was an opportunity to reaffirm the will of those involved in the start-up ecosystems in both countries to support new businesses. “I’m looking forward to reaching out into the world and growing into a global unicorn,” he said.

[펀드(Fund) 관련 소식 전체보기]

  • Social Investment Korea Forms Private Investment Association for Net Zero Technology.. “Planning to Create 10 Billion ESG Fund”
  • TTD, Digital Healthcare Startup Fund ‘TTD Private Investment Association No. 6’
  • Play in the Future-Samsung Securities to form a ‘unicorn fund’ worth 14.3 billion won… Won 5 billion investment in Seoul Robotics
  • Seoul National University College of Engineering – Seoul National University Technology Holdings Co, Ltd faces unicorn startup discovery and investment
  • Music and New Investment and Zeon to form ‘K-Contents Zeon NEW Investment Association’ won from 25 billion
  • The Invention Lab formed a 1 billion won seed fund dedicated to startups entering the Southeast Asian market
  • Infobank iExcel, 18 companies invested 4.3 billion won in the first half of this year… An increase of 125% over the previous year
  • Infobank won to form a venture investment association worth 27.5 billion
  • Youngone Trading Holdings establishes 85 billion overseas CVC… Strategic investment in global startups
  • Chungnam-CNT Tech Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Initiate Formation of Private Investment Association

[해외진출(Go global) 소식 전체보기]

  • Korea-US conglomerates hold meeting to support domestic startups
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Minister Lee Young discusses ways to advance into the global market for Korean startups in Silicon Valley
  • Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups Announces K-Startup Global Promotion Strategy
  • Dongdaemun fashion brokerage’s ‘Link Stores’ enter Indonesia
  • Jinwon Chang, recruiting startups for the second half of the ‘2022 Overseas Exhibition POC Support Program’ (~ September 19)
  • Naver Whalespace joins forces with Vietnam’s largest educational company to advance to the global market
  • Jinwon Chang-Shinhan Futures Lab faces support for Japanese entrants, open innovation, and startup exchanges
  • CNT Tech succeeds in ‘RhMGG Day’ to support the expansion of new businesses abroad
  • Startup Promotion Agency, recruiting companies to take part in the ‘Global Investment Attraction Program’ (~July 25)
  • Camoa and Klook signed an exclusive supply partnership for overseas rental cars in 180 countries

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