Korean and Japanese Foreign Ministers Meet in New York… Detailed discussion on forced labor solution

Park Jin “I will do my best with sincerity”… Hayashi “Welcome to the president’s will to improve relations”
“Empathy for the need to improve Korea-Japan relations”… Tune in to see if it will lead to a 55-minute dialogue or summit

Although the possibility of holding a Korea-Japan summit during the United Nations General Assembly drew attention, the heads of foreign affairs of the two countries met and discussed the issue of compensation for victims of forced labor during Japan’s colonial period.

Foreign Minister Park Jin had a 55-minute meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi at a hotel in Manhattan, New York, USA on the afternoon of the 19th (local time).

After the meeting held on the day South Korea and Japan coordinated the summit between President Yoon Seok-yeol and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Minister Park told reporters that there were “a lot of good stories.”

“Both sides decided to make sincere efforts to improve relations between Korea and Japan,” he said.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, and it is reported that there was a deep exchange of views on the resolution of the issue of compensation for forced labour, which is considered to be the biggest issue.

Minister Park summarized the content discussed in the previous four public-private council meetings with the participation of the Korean government and domestic experts and explained to Foreign Minister Hayashi Hayashi.

According to the public-private council, ‘it is not advisable to use the Korean government’s budget to make subrogation payments (reimbursement by a third party) or to take over the debts of the Japanese defendant company’, ‘Use the foundation to solve the problem, but Korean and Japanese companies It is known that opinions have gathered in the direction that it would be better to use this money as a financial resource.

In addition, the situation of victims of forced labor was also communicated to the Japanese side.

A diplomatic official said, “While presenting the case where Minister Park listened directly to the voices of the victims, he conveyed the views of various domestic circles to Japan in detail and called for a sincere response.”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japanese side was listening to this and exchanging views with the South Korean side in detail.

A diplomatic official said, “We have once again agreed to continue dialogue and consultations between the diplomatic authorities of the two countries on different occasions.”

“The two ministers affirmed their sympathy for the need to promptly restore, restore and improve Korea-Japan relations,” he added.

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained in a press release that Minister Park explained South Korea’s position on the issue of compensation for victims of forced labor during the meeting, and in a press release, Foreign Minister Hayashi presented “a consistent position from the side Japan”.

“The two foreign ministers, appreciating the constructive dialogue that is taking place between the diplomatic authorities, decided to continue the consultations between the two countries to resolve the issue early in order to return the relationship between Japan and Korea to a healthy one, ” he added.

At the meeting, Foreign Minister Hayashi said he welcomed President Yun’s Liberation Day congratulatory speech and press conference on the 100th day of his inauguration, as he expressed his will to improve relations between Korea and Japan.

A diplomatic official said, “Japan also said it wants to promote cooperation between government authorities because it agrees with the need to improve relations between Korea and Japan.”

In addition to the issue of compensation for forced labour, there were also plans for establishing future-oriented partnerships such as cooperation on the North Korean nuclear issue, security cooperation between the two countries, and reviving people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. . was discussed at the meeting.

The two Ministers said that both sides agree on the importance of cooperation and relations between South Korea and Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Japan in relation to the implementation of North Korea’s nuclear force policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented the content of the meeting in a press release that the two ministers share the view to continuously strengthen cooperation between Korea and Japan and South Korea, the United States and Japan in consideration of the changing international situation quickly and the serious situation on the Korean Peninsula.

At the meeting, Foreign Minister Hayashi asked for South Korea’s support in resolving the North Korean abduction issue, and Minister Park said he supported Japan’s position.

Regarding the resumption of visa-free entry between Korea and Japan, the quarantine situation of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) needs to be taken into account, but both sides agreed that people-to-people exchanges should be actively carried out.

A diplomatic official declined to comment on whether a South Korea-Japan summit would be held at the UN General Assembly as an opportunity, saying, “We cannot confirm at this time.”

A Japanese government official responded to a question from Yonhap News about whether there had been any mention of the Korea-Japan summit, saying ‘there was no particular talk about it’.

However, the first deputy director of the National Security Bureau, Kim Tae-hyo, explained earlier that they had agreed to hold a Korea-Japan summit at the United Nations General Assembly and were adjusting the time’, and since then, a high ranking . an official in the presidential office expressed the perception that ‘there is no change in the situation’. There is speculation that the two leaders will meet and talk.

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