Korean Baseball Team Faces Criticism After Loss to Chinese Taipei

Korean Baseball Team Faces 0-4 Defeat by Chinese Taipei in Asian Games

In a disappointing turn of events, the Korean baseball team, led by coach Ryu Joong-il, suffered a 0-4 defeat against Chinese Taipei in the Group B game of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. Prominent commentators, including Park Chan-ho and Lee Dae-ho, have not held back in their criticism of the team’s performance.

Quiet Batting Line Raises Concerns

KBS commentator Park Yong-taek expressed regret over the team’s lackluster performance at the plate, stating, “Bold and active attacks do not seem to be working well for them. The batting line needs to find their own swing.” Unfortunately, the Korean batting team struggled throughout the game, with the leadoff hitter failing to reach base until the sixth inning. Recognizing this, commentator Park Chan-ho commented, “Occasional hits are simply not enough.”

A Disheartening Ninth Inning

In the crucial ninth inning, Commissioner Park Chan-ho expressed his confusion and disappointment, saying, “I hoped they would at least score one run in the last inning,” and “We cannot afford to display such a weak performance.” Commissioner Park Yong-taek acknowledged the superior skills of the Taiwanese team, stating, “Most of our batters consistently struggled to respond to fastballs,” and “It is quite evident that Taiwanese pitchers possess powerful fastballs.”

Keeping Hope Alive

Looking ahead, Commissioner Park Yong-taek emphasized that although the game may be over, the competition is far from finished. He reminded everyone of the Korean team’s victory in the final against Japan, clinching the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, after losing their initial match against Taiwan.

Anxiety and Passivity on Display

SBS commentators Lee Dae-ho and Lee Soon-cheol joined in expressing their disappointment with the team’s frustrating offensive performance. They also highlighted the mental anxiety experienced by the players standing at bat. Commentator Lee Dae-ho stressed the importance of taking action, stating, “You have to swing the bat. Whether it results in a hit or an out, it is crucial to take a proactive approach.” Meanwhile, Lee Soon-cheol lamented, “It is perplexing why they continue to be passive in such critical moments.”

As seasoned professionals, both commentators offered wise advice and counsel to the players, urging them to be more mentally present and confident. Commentator Lee Dae-ho observed, “When players swing the bat, they need to react swiftly instead of hesitating. This hesitation indicates overthinking. We lost because we couldn’t showcase our preparation, so we must rebound and be ready to confidently swing and make quick decisions in the next game.” He concluded with an emphatic directive, saying, “You have to do it.”

Lee Soon-cheol also touched upon the Book Council held earlier this year, revealing, “I noticed that I become extremely nervous in international competitions and tend to overthink about the outcome.” He criticized the team’s passive attitude towards fastballs, noting that Taiwanese pitchers predominantly relied on them. He stated, “There is a distinct lack of aggression. Their reactions are slightly off.”.

In the second game of baseball group B at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, the Korean baseball team led by coach Ryu Joong-il was defeated 0-4 by Chinese Taipei, and commentators such as Park Chan-ho and Lee Dae-ho are continue to criticize the team.

KBS commentator Park Yong-taek said that when the batting line was quiet that day, Park Yong-taek expressed regret, saying, “Bold and active attacks do not work well. The batting line must definitely take their own swing.” However, the Korean batting team struggled so much that the leadoff hitter didn’t even reach base once until the sixth inning, and commentator Park Chan-ho noted this and said, “It’s just occasional hits come out.”

In the 9th inning, Commissioner Park Chan-ho expressed confusion, saying, “I hope they give up at least one run in the last inning,” and “We shouldn’t show things like this.” Commissioner Park Yong-taek acknowledged Taiwan’s skills, saying, “Most batters are consistently late for fastballs,” and “You can also tell that Taiwanese pitchers’ fastballs are powerful.”

Commissioner Park Yong-taek said, “The game is over, but the competition is not over. We lost to Taiwan in the first game of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, but in the end, we won the final against Japan and won the gold medal.”

SBS commentators Lee Dae-ho and Lee Soon-cheol also could not hide their disappointment at the frustrating offensive performance and pointed out the mental anxiety of the players who stood at bat.

Commentator Lee Dae-ho said, “You have to swing the bat. That way, you can either get a hit or out,” and commentator Lee Soon-cheol lamented, “I don’t know why I still being passive when I have to hit the ball.”

At the same time, as a senior, he emphasized awareness by giving wise advice and counsel. Commentator Lee Dae-ho said, “When the players swing the bat, they should react, but they keep stopping. That means they have a lot to think about. We lost not being able to show how much we prepared, so we’ll bounce back and get ready to hit with a confident swing and quick count in the next game.” “You have to do it,” he advised.

Commentator Lee Soon-cheol also mentioned the Book Council held in March this year and found, “I am very nervous in international competitions and I shrink because I think too much about the results.” In addition, because they do not hit fastballs, Taiwanese pitchers only throw fastballs, and he criticized their passive attitude, saying, “There is no attack at all. The way they reacts a little incorrectly.”
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