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Korean chicken doesn’t taste good? Occasional debate… “Even if it’s small, the taste is just a difference in preference”

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A debate arose from time to time as to whether the big chicken was delicious or the small chicken was delicious.

When taste columnist Hwang Gyo-ik claimed that “Korean chickens are small and tasteless,” the Poultry Association strongly objected, and reporter Song Ji-hye examined those claims.


■ Are Korean chickens small? O

‘Korean chickens are almost the only small in the world.

Therefore, it is tasteless and expensive.’ In the argument of taste columnist Hwang Gyo-ik, the fact that Korean chickens are small is a fact that most agree.

Korean poultry farms mainly sell chickens weighing about 1.5 kg that have been raised for a month.

On the other hand, Japan, China, and the United States sell large chickens weighing 2.3 kg that have been raised for more than 40 days.

The Rural Development Administration’s position is that there is a large difference in consumer preferences.

In Korea, small chickens sell well because they eat a lot of whole chicken or samgyetang cooked with one chicken.

Contrary to this, in other countries, large chickens are popular because they are often cooked by parts such as chicken breast and legs.

■ Big chicken tastes better? △

In conclusion, we cannot conclude that larger chicken tastes better.

The evidence that Hwang Gyo-ik said that large chicken tastes better is from the Rural Development Administration, and it is written that ‘a problem with small chicken production’ is ‘a tasteless chicken is produced’.

Numerical comparisons also show that large chickens have an advantage in umami and chewiness.

But the rebuttal is not easy.

[김태경/식육마케터 (건국대 식품유통경제학과 겸임교수) : 요리에 따라서 맛이 다르다고 보시면 돼요. 큰 닭은 가슴살이 많이 나와요. 그런데 우리나라 사람들은 가슴살을 별로 안 좋아하고 (큰) 닭을 튀겨놔도 가슴살은 뻑뻑합니다. 그래서 사람들이 작은 닭을 선호하는 거예요, 우리나라 사람들이.]

The poultry association also strongly protested and proposed an open discussion.

[이홍재/대한양계협회장 : 거기서 말하는 대로 무슨 성분이 몇 밀리그램 증가하고 해서 치킨 맛에 그렇게 큰 영향을 줘서 맛없다고 단정 지을 수가 있나요. 지극히 주관적인 거예요.]

■ Can’t get a big chicken? X

That doesn’t mean Korea doesn’t have big chickens.

Although the breed is different from the chickens raised in poultry farms, you can buy native chickens weighing around 2.5kg by ordering online.

Otherwise, you can buy imported chicken that comes in partial meat.

In Korea, there was once a chicken franchise that offered big chicken as a ‘marketing point’, but it did not gain much popularity.

A year ago, a large chicken producer was forced to go on strike due to a larger chicken, but it didn’t sell well.

(Video design: Jung Soo-im / Intern reporter: Jeong Yun-ji)

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