Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, large-scale rally in the city center today… Police “Captive Violence”

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The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is holding a large-scale rally in downtown Seoul this afternoon.

It is to protest the government’s labor policy, such as the reorganization of working hours and the disclosure of accounting books.

The police have a policy of responding harshly to illegal acts, so there are concerns about physical confrontations.

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Reporter Kim Ye-rin.


Yes, it is on Sejong-daero in Seoul.

Today, the KCTU All-Out Struggle Competition is held here.

A little later, from 2:00 pm, pre-gatherings are held throughout the city.

First, the metal union plans to hold a separate rally in front of the National Police Agency, the Yongsan Presidential Office, and the Employment and Labor Office, and then march towards Sejong-daero here from 2:30 pm

The main assembly organized by the KCTU is scheduled to start at 4:00 pm

In this rally, the Confederation of Korean Trade Unions condemns the government’s suppression of trade unions and demands reforms to the labor law.

Organizers have predicted that 20,000 people will gather.

This is the first major town gathering since the building union’s one-day homeless rally on the 16th and 17th.

The police are in a position where they will react strongly when illegal activities are discovered.

In particular, it is an enforcement policy to dissolve if you do not keep the allowed assembly time by 5:00 pm or cause inconvenience to citizens.

Police have currently mobilized more than 7,000 careers across the country, and Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun instructed them to prepare for the use of tear gas ‘capsaicin’ injectors.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is in the position that it will not hold illegal assemblies, such as disbanding the assembly at 5 pm

However, the commemorative cultural festival, which takes place after 7pm, has been held every week, and the possibility of a night rally is not being ruled out.

Extreme traffic congestion is expected in downtown areas such as Sejong-daero and Jong-ro due to the KCTU downtown rally.

Police urged people to use public transport as much as possible and to check traffic information in advance.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Ye-rin from Sejong-daero. (

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