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Reporter Liu Wanxin / Comprehensive Report

South Korean internet star Xu Sharang (서사랑) debuted with the girl group SUS4 in 2015 and disbanded the following year. After changing the runway, she got married in 2019. The couple also appeared in the reality show “Between Marriage and Divorce”, showing the appearance of overcoming the marital crisis. Unexpectedly, her husband’s family suddenly accused her on the social account on the 17th. She has an anger regulation disorder and is violent towards her. In this regard, the man is not supposed to be too happy and he biting for being unfaithful to her marriage, saying that he has no domestic violence at all.

▲ Xu Shalang accused her husband of domestic violence. (Photo/Retrieved from Xu Shalang’s Instagram, “Between Marriage and Divorce”)

On the 17th, Sharon Xu posted a photo of her bruised eyes after being beaten on Instagram, accusing him of writing, “All audiences watching the show should know that my husband has anger regulation disorder. After beaten and violent by him, I’m hiding at the moment When he went to another safe place,” she revealed that she was punched in the face, pushed to the ground and trampled by his husband, and even dragged her to the toilet and cut off her hair just because she went home too late to have a dinner party with workers The scariest thing is that she was still holding the child in her hand when just beat her.

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Sharon Xu revealed that the child was also injured during the process, and her husband said “I killed you” in front of the child, and rushed to the kitchen to take out a kitchen knife. Horrible experience.

▲ Xu Shalang said that the child was also affected and injured when her husband violently beat her.  (Photo/Photo taken from Sharon Xu's Instagram)

▲ Xu Shalang said that the child was also affected and injured when her husband violently beat her. (Photo/Photo taken from Sharon Xu’s Instagram)

On the other hand, Xu Shalang’s husband Li Zhenghuan (transliteration, 이정환) also objected on Instagram the next day, accusing his wife of having an affair, and revealed that he had sued his wife and the cheating man in June, but in the process of the lawsuit , He was surprised to find out that his wife actually opened a motel room with her friends many times from August 2021 to recently, and even smoked marijuana. If you find out once, you will die by my hands. ” He admitted the verbal threats, but never committed violence.

At that time, after Xu Shalang choked back a few words, he left the house with the child and ran to the neighbor’s house to ring the doorbell for help. Li Zhenghuan admitted that he had pulled his wife’s hair at the time, and the woman He emphasized that it was Without a hard grip, the two had a little physical conflict, and both sides said their own words. On the afternoon of the 19th, Sharon Xu spoke again and wrote, “For the sake of the child, my husband and I decided to solve the problem through legal means, and I am very sorry for the disturbance”, ending the debate .

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