‘Korean Monster’ Kim Min-jae, who will decorate a new history in Serie A?

Napoli’s Korean monster Minjae Kim has been nominated for Serie A Player of the Month for September. Attention is focused on whether he will become the first Asian player to win the Serie A Player of the Month award.

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Asian defender won Player of the Month award in Italy, country of catenaccio (?)

It’s not an impossible scenario either. Napoli’s Korean monster Minjae Kim has been nominated for Serie A Player of the Month for September.

The official Serie A channel announced on the afternoon of the 21st (Korea time) the list of nominees for the ‘Italian Serie A September Player Award 2022/23’.

A total of 5 players were named. Rodrigo Becan (Rodrigo Becao) from Udinese, Demiral from Atalanta, Theo Hernandez from Milan, Minjae Kim from Napoli, and Milinkovich Savich from Lazio are the main characters.

Four of the five finalists for September’s Player of the Month award are defenders. Among them, the most impressive player is definitely Kim Min-jae.

Napoli core defender Kim Min-jae stood tall as Serie A’s signature defender with no adjustment period. Regardless of whether the team is weak or strong, they show their first class skills. In the last 7 rounds, he also showed a good ratio against the defending champion Milan, leading to the sigh of one of Italy’s best defenders, Maldini.

The record is good too. By Serie A standards, he has scored two goals in six games. In the 5th round away from Lazio, he helped the team win with an equalizing goal, and in the 7th round against Milan, he showed defense like Altoran.

What is disappointing is the number of appearances. He played full-time in all four Serie A games held in August, but missed the 6th round of three games played in September against Spezia.

On the other hand, the other competitors played all three games in September. In terms of statistics, midfielder Milinkovich Savich is the best. 3 games, 1 goal and 2 assists. Instead, Kim Min-jae lost 1-2 in the 5th round against Napoli. Hernandez’s performance was also good, but the loss to Napoli, the previous game, is a variable.

The other two central defenders, Bekan and Demiral, played full-time for three consecutive games. Among them, Udinese’s Brazilian defender Becan has also put in impressive performances against Roma and Inter, helping the team’s five-game winning streak.

Considering the performance of the team, Kim Min-jae has an advantage. If Kim Min-jae wins Serie A Player of the Month in September, he will be the first Asian player to win. In terms of defenders, this is the second time since September Coulibaly in the 2021/22 season. This will be the fifth award among Napoli players.

On the other hand, in the case of Serie A, after the 7th round of the third week of September, they will go into a break for a while. This is due to the A Match Day schedule in September. Therefore, the nominees for September’s Player’s Award were selected a little earlier than usual.

For information, the vote is chosen by considering the individual statistics of each player based on the performance and the fan vote held in the ‘Serie A POTM’.

Fan voting will take place at https://serieapotm.easports.com/. Press the vote (VOTA) button without registering as a separate member to proceed. After voting, the message ‘GRAZIE PER AVER VOTATO (Thank you for voting)’ appears.

Photo = Still from Getty Images / serieapotm.easports.com

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