Korean news channel YTN (Channel 24)

A bear was trapped in a car that was parked in a secluded place in Nevada, USA. With the help of witty people, it returned safely to nature.

An emergency marshal ties a rope to the handle of the car.

They came to the rescue after receiving reports from residents that there was a bear in the back seat.

After hiding behind a tree about 10 meters away from the car, pull the string attached to the car’s handle with all your might.

When the back door opens wide, something black appears.

A bear the size of a human adult.

Even though it was so frustrating and hard, I ran to the mountain without looking back.

The sheriff’s office explained on Twitter: “Be careful of bears when enjoying the outdoors as bears are active this time of year.”

It is still unclear when and how the bear, which managed to escape from the car, became trapped.

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