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Spain’s Sevilla won the Europa League for the seventh time, proving why they are the ‘King of the Europa League’.

AS Roma coach Mourinho, who continued his winning streak in the club’s competition, also failed to overcome Sevilla.

Reporter Heo Jae-win reports.


Sevilla and AS Roma, who could not decide the winner even after 120 minutes of bloody battle in regular time, went to a penalty shootout.

Sevilla goalkeeper Yasin Bunu and AS Roma second kicker Mancini,

The third kicker blocks all shots and Ibanez roars.

On the other hand, Sevilla, whose first three kickers scored quietly, scored

Montiel’s 4th kicker broke the net and ended a long and drawn game.

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Sevilla, the ‘strongest player in the Europa League’, reached the final six times in the Europa League alone and won all the championships.

And, as expected, the clash between AS Roma, led by Mourinho, the ‘church contractor’ who led the five finalists to victory in the European club competition, was fierce.

In the 34th minute of the first half, Dybala received a pass from Mancini and scored with a left foot shot, giving AS Roma the lead.

Mancini, who assisted the opening goal, scored an own goal in the second half and the game went back to square one.

In the end, after a bloody battle that went to the penalty shootout, the goddess of final victory lifted the hand of Sevilla.

Sevilla continued their 100% win rate in the Europa League final, rewriting the record for most wins.

On the other hand, AS Roma, who reached the final after 32 years, could not overcome Sevilla and were content with an unfortunate runner-up.

This is Heo Jae-won’s YTN.

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