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In Washington, DC, a light aircraft flew without permission and crashed into a nearby mountain area.

No survivors have yet been found.

Before the crash, US authorities scrambled a fighter jet to pursue the light aircraft, but the noise made by the fighter caused chaos, as did reports of roaring at one point.

According to the Associated Press, etc., a light plane from Tennessee took off around 3:00 pm and flew over the airspace of Washington DC without the permission of the authorities after turning for unknown reasons while going to MacArthur Airport on Long Island, New York.

The light aircraft crashed about 30 minutes later in the mountains of Virginia, but no survivors were found.

The US Aerospace Defense Command said the US military attempted radio communication with the pilot of the light aircraft at the time, but there was no response.

In response, the US authorities sent an F-16 fighter jet to pursue the light aircraft, and reports of hearing a roar in different parts of Washington DC due to the noise caused by the fighter continued one after the other.

The owner of the light plane that crashed said there were a total of four people on board at the time, including his daughter, granddaughter, nanny and pilot, the New York Times reported.

Authorities have not yet made an official announcement about how many people were on the light plane and what caused the crash.

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