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As wildfires in Canada spread, the eastern and central United States are suffering from extreme air pollution.

According to the New York Times, on the 6th local time, the air quality index in Manhattan, New York City, increased to 218, and CNN said it was as bad as New Delhi, India.

The next day, the air quality index was also more than 100, and a landscape reminiscent of the Seoul sky on a day with serious fine dust not folded.

New York City public schools have distributed notices to homes that “will limit all outdoor activities, including after school activities,” and “recommend the wearing of masks.”

In addition to New York, major eastern cities such as Washington DC and Philadelphia have announced restrictions on school outdoor activities such as picnics and sports.

Reuters reported that fine dust has risen to hazardous levels in 15 states including Vermont, South Carolina, Ohio and Kansas, including these cities.

The National Weather Service advised residents in the area to refrain from outdoor exercise, and television weather broadcasters were advised to go to work earlier than usual due to the short visibility.

The reason air pollution is suffering from air pollution in the eastern and midwestern United States, where the air is usually good, is because forest fires are spreading out of control around the province of Quebec in eastern Canada.

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