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Six people, including four children, were seriously injured in an indiscriminate armed riot in Annecy, France, a representative tourist destination along the Alps.

Among those who were injured were three babies under the age of three, two of them in a serious condition.

Reporter Lee Man-soo reports.


Armed police have been deployed throughout Annecy, a resort town in southeastern France near the Alps.

The strict vigilance is due to the indiscriminate romance of arms that has just taken place.

A man wandered around the playground near Lake Annecy, which was crowded with tourists, and was wearing a weapon.

Even a baby in a stroller became a target for the crime.

[목격자 : 어떤 여성이 뛰어, 뛰어, 호수를 따라 사람들을 찌르는 남자가 있어요! 그는 아이들을 찔렀어요, 뛰어, 뛰어!’라고 말했어요.]

The peaceful tourist destination soon turned into chaos, and six people, including four children, were injured.

Among those injured, one was 22 months old, two were two years old and one was just three years old.

Two of these are seriously injured.

The suspect arrested by the police was identified as a 31-year-old man of Syrian nationality.

The local media reported that the man entered Sweden in 2013, was recognized as a refugee, and was married with one child.

It is known that he applied for asylum in France in November last year.

Investigators looking into the motive for the crime said there were no terrorism charges yet.

[라인 보닛 마티스 / 프랑스 안시 검사 : 앞서 말씀드렸듯이 테러로 볼 수 있는 부분은 확인되지 않았습니다.]

France was shocked by the terrible crime that shook the peaceful little town.

[엘리자베트 보른 / 프랑스 총리 : 아이들과 관련된 일에 있어 우리는 크게 영향받게 마련입니다. 지금 온 나라가 큰 충격에 빠졌습니다.]

President Macron posted on social media that it was a completely cowardly attack, and the House of Representatives held a moment of silence for the victims.

This is Mansu Lee from YTN.

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