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■ Progress: Joon-Seok Ho Anchor
■ Appearance: Olena Schegel, Professor, Department of Ukrainian Languages, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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▶ Anchor: As we are 470 days old, we also convey the situation of the war dryly, but in it, one by one, our sons ​​are losing their lives. It is also the story of mothers who went through it 70 years ago in Korea. Today, recently, we continue to present foreign reports that Ukraine has predicted a counterattack and it seems that it has started again. Of course, he is away from you, but he communicates closely and is in close contact with you. What position do you understand?

▷ Olena Schaegel: First, looking at the reports in the Korean media, I thought I was expecting too much for this counterattack. But in fact, while preparing for this counterattack in Ukraine, President Zelensky and the headquarters kept talking about it. We know our enemies well, so we don’t win with one counterattack. So, saying it is a first step, we have a goal, but it will be difficult to end the war with this, and of course, not only Ukraine but people all over the world expect this war to come over quickly. More than anyone else, the Ukrainians want it to end soon. However, if you look at the Korean media, there are many reports like that, as if the war could be ended with a counterattack, counterattack, so I think it’s a little disappointing. Originally, that was an unattainable goal at the moment, ending the war.

▶ Anchor: Coincidentally, a large dam in Kherson was destroyed shortly after the counter-attack began What kind of dam was that?

▷ Olena Shegel: Actually, it’s a dam that plays a very important role in Ukraine. The scale is very large. As far as I know, it is more than six times bigger than the biggest dam in Korea. It is a dam with a water storage capacity of about 18 cubic kilometers. This dam is a dam that has played a key role in supplying not only drinking water but also agricultural water in the southern region. Of course, water was also supplied to the Crimean Peninsula from that dam, but with this explosion, the drinking water supply was also at risk, and in fact, the southern region, the Kherson region, is an area that has ‘to cultivate, so not only grain, but also vegetables and fruit are grown. But now that it is flooded, it seems that this will be a big problem for food supply not only in Ukraine but also globally. The impact will be great.

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