Korean series’origin’… Doosan beat NC and win 1

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In the second game of the Korean series of professional baseball, Doosan defeated the NC’s pursuit and made up for one win, turning the game to the starting point.

This is Joo-rin Park.

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First half pitcher Koo Chang-mo and baseball’s best pitcher Plexen this fall.

The expectation that it would be a pitcher was missed from the beginning.

In the second episode, Doosan will pick two points first, taking advantage of NC Park Seok-min’s mistake.

NC also immediately followed a point with Kwon Hee-dong’s timely hit.

In the 4th episode, Heebi was mixed.

Doosan escaped one more point, 3 to 1 as Kim Jae-ho’s solo capture.

NC also had a full chance, but Doosan Park Gun-woo stopped my goal by catching positive intentions at home with an amazing throw.

Since then, even luck has flowed toward Doosan.

In the 5th NC, Lee Myung-gi’s well-matched ball was doubled out.

In the 6th episode, there was a rare scene where Park Seok-min’s batted ball was refracted by the pitcher and then continued to a floating ball, making it a double out.

Doosan, where Fernandes, who was sluggish in the 9th episode, opened a solo gun.

I defeated the NC, which was frighteningly chased at the last minute, and paid back the defeat in the first game.

[김재호/두산 (2차전 MVP)]

“It’s so nice to be able to help the team win 1, and I’m so grateful for the honor to be awarded MVP again in my baseball life…”

Tomorrow, Doosan won Choi Won-joon and NC Wright as a selection for Game 3, while KBO penalized the controversial NC Altair with a fine of 200,000 won for violating the mask wearing rules in the first game.

This is MBC News Park Joo-rin.

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