‘Korean street toast shop’ appears in London, UK… Locals’ reaction to tasting (video)

Josh and Olly, who run YouTubers ‘British Man’, shared the recent history of opening a Korean-style street toast shop. The reaction of the British to Korean street toast is drawing attention.

On the 8th, on the YouTube channel ‘British Man’, a video titled ‘I opened a Korean street toast shop in the UK and the locals went mad’ was uploaded. As of the 10th, it has become a hot topic, ranking 3rd in the most popular videos.

They released a video on the first day of business, saying, “We recently opened a Korean street toast restaurant in London. We wanted to offer toast to many people, but due to Corona 19, we took customers by reservation.”

Below is YouTube ‘Korean Englishman’

In a video titled, ‘No one has done this for 8 years, so we did it in the end’, the British men’s channel opened a toast shop, saying, “I found a menu in Korea but not in the UK, a menu I want to have in the UK. It’s street toast.” has been foretold

On the first day of business, they presented three menus: ‘Street Toast’, ‘Spicy Soy Toast’, and ‘Piki Wiki Kimchi Cheese Toast’ using ingredients directly airlifted from Korea, such as bread and gochujang sauce. The toast was cooked by Josh’s wife Kukki, who is active as a cooking YouTuber.

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youtube channel
A capture of the YouTube channel ‘British Man’ video ‘I opened a Korean street toast shop in England… and the locals went crazy’. / Hereinafter, the YouTube channel ‘British Man’

Locals say “Oh my God”, “Kimchi and cheese combination can’t be without taste”, “Really delicious”, “Real taste in Korea”, “Taste that comforts the soul”, “This dish when drunk or broken I think I’m going to eat it,” and showed a fascination with the charm of Korean toast.

Netizens who saw the video left various cheering comments, such as “I’m proud as a Korean”, “K-toast suitable for British tastes”, “Congratulations on opening a toast shop”, “I hope it will be a great success and do better than McDonald’s.”

Korean-style toast that has nothing to do with the text / Photo = Isaac Toast
Korean-style toast that has nothing to do with the text / Photo = Isaac Toast



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  1. The channel isn´t called British man you fools, you only managed to put the right name in this text once (Korean Englishman). How did this get proofed with such idiotic and false youtube channel name

  2. I love it and we are koreans but we just forgot a little about Korean My dad is from Germany and mum is from korea since then I saw a lot of your videos and I really wanted to go.

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