Korean Swimmer Hwang Seon-woo Clinches Gold in 200m Freestyle at Hangzhou Asian Games

Hangzhou Asian Games: Hwang Seon-woo Wins Gold in 200m Freestyle

Hwang Seon-woo, the Korean swimming sensation, clinched the gold medal in the highly anticipated 200m freestyle event at the ongoing Hangzhou Asian Games.

Having already secured a gold medal in the 800m relay, Hwang’s remarkable performance in the 200m freestyle earned him his second gold medal in the competition. This outstanding achievement has catapulted him to the pinnacle of Asian swimming.

The heats were a breeze for Hwang, who comfortably finished first, earning him a spot in the finals, where he competed in lane 4. Meanwhile, his Chinese rival, Pan Zhanle, was placed in lane 6.

With an impressive reaction time of 0.62 seconds, Hwang catapulted from the starting block, swiftly taking the lead in the first 50 meters. As the race progressed, Hwang’s pace continued to intensify, allowing him to widen his lead even further.

Astonishingly, in the final 50 meters, Hwang displayed incredible strength and resilience, fending off fierce competition from all sides. As the clock stopped at 1 minute 44.40 seconds, Hwang crossed the finish line, breaking the tournament record set by Park Tae-hwan in 2010 and even surpassing his own Korean record.

The podium also welcomed Hwang’s teammate, Hojun Lee, who secured the bronze medal. Pan Zhanle settled for second place, unable to match Hwang’s exceptional performance.

Hwang Seon-woo’s stunning victories in the 800m relay and the 200m freestyle have marked his arrival on the international swimming scene. In an emotional response, Hwang expressed his pride in breaking his personal record and his joy at Lee’s third-place finish, allowing both to stand together on the podium.

Swimming Team Aims for Record-breaking Success

The Korean swimming team’s triumphs thus far, with three gold medals in their kitty, position them for their best-ever performance in Asian Games swimming. Their sights are set on surpassing the record of four gold medals achieved at the 2010 Guangzhou Games.

Tomorrow, attention will shift to Kim Woo-min, who, along with Hwang Sun-woo, clinched gold in the relay race. Kim is set to compete in his main event, the fiercely competitive 800m freestyle, with hopes of securing another gold medal.

This is Moon Young-gyu reporting for KBS News.

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This is news from the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Korean swimming star Hwang Seon-woo won the gold medal in the 200m freestyle a while ago.

By adding another gold medal following the 800m relay, Hwang Soo-yeon won two gold medals in the competition.

Reporter Moon Young-gyu reports.


Sunwoo Hwang, who passed the heats comfortably in first place, competed in the finals in lane 4.

While Chinese rival Pan Zhanle was given lane 6, Hwang Sun-woo had a strong start with a reaction time of 0.62 seconds.

Hwang Seon-woo, who sprinted from the start, passed the first 50m section in first place.

As Hwang entered the middle of the race, his pace increased even more and held an overwhelming lead.

In the last 50m, I gained more strength and resisted the pursuit of all the athletes, and eventually I got first place with a time of 1 minute 44.40 seconds.

It was a new tournament record, surpassing the record set by Park Tae-hwan in Guangzhou in 2010, and also broke his own Korean record.

Teammate Hojun Lee came third and a valuable bronze medal, while Fan Zhanle was second.

Sun-Woo Hwang won two gold medals in his first Asian Games, taking the top spot in Asia in the 800m relay team event and the 200m freestyle event.

[황선우/수영 국가대표 : “오늘 자유형 200m 경기에서 제 개인기록을 경신하면서 금메달이란 값진 결과를 얻어서 너무 뿌듯하고 기분이 좋고, 3등한 (이)호준이 형도 기록을 줄여서 한국인이 같이 시상대에 올라갈 수 있다는 게 감격스럽습니다.”]

The swimming team, which has won three gold medals to date, is aiming for its best ever performance in Asian Games swimming, surpassing the four gold medals won at the 2010 Guangzhou Games.

Tomorrow (28th), Kim Woo-min, who shared the gold medal in a relay race with Hwang Sun-woo, will challenge for the gold medal in his main event, the 800m freestyle.

This is Moon Young-gyu from KBS News.

Camera reporter: Seo Da-eun/Video editor: Kwon Hyeok-rak

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