Korean Track and Field Athlete Kim Kuk-young Wins Bronze Medal in 400m Relay at Asian Games

Korean Athlete Kim Kuk-young Wins Bronze Medal in 400m Relay at Asian Games

Kuk-young Kim, the Korean record holder for the 100 meters in track and field, achieved a significant milestone in his career by winning a bronze medal in the men’s 400-meter relay. This victory marked his first-ever medal in an international competition, a moment he had long awaited before retiring from the sport.

37 Years in the Making

The 400-meter relay event holds particular significance for the Korean team, as it had been 37 years since they last secured a medal in this category. Kim Kuk-young, who had been an exemplary role model for his younger teammates, was overwhelmed with emotions as he stood on the podium, shedding tears of joy that mirrored the collective pride felt by the entire nation.

Riveting Race with Record-breaking Moments

As the race commenced in front of 80,000 spectators, the tension was palpable, with everyone holding their breath in anticipation. It was Lee Jeong-tae who set the tone with a lightning-fast start. Kim Kuk-young, the second runner, exhibited exceptional speed while running the straight track. The baton smoothly made its way to anchor Ko Seung-hwan, thanks to the efforts of third runner Lee Jae-seong.

The final sprint to the finish line was nothing short of breathtaking. The Korean team proudly claimed third place, trailing behind China and Japan. A wave of joy engulfed the athletes as they roared with celebration. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of their achievement, Ko Seung-hwan, the last runner, found solace in tears of fulfillment.

A Dream Fulfilled

“To be honest, the Asian Games has always been the stage I dreamt of for 17 years,” expressed Ko Seung-hwan, the anchor of the relay team. He had felt immense pressure to perform as the fourth runner but was elated to witness the team’s exceptional performance. “I ran without hesitation, without any regrets,” he proudly added.

However, it was the eldest brother, 32-year-old Kim Guk-young, who was deeply moved by their triumph. Initially in a state of disbelief, Kim Guk-young’s expression transformed into one of pure joy, ultimately giving way to tears of overwhelming emotion.

A Legacy Upheld

Kim Kuk-young has left an indelible mark on Korean track and field. Breaking the longstanding Korean record and consistently running within the 9-second range for the 100 meters, he currently holds the top seven records in the country. Despite participating in various competitions for 16 years, it was only in his final Asian Games, after four attempts, that he achieved his first international medal.

“It’s not a joke. If I hadn’t won a medal this time, I had planned to continue my pursuit in the next competition. But now, I can happily pass the baton to my younger teammates and retire,” shared an emotional Kim Kuk-young.

A Triumph of Perseverance

Kim Kuk-young’s journey to success was fraught with countless obstacles, yet his unwavering determination never wavered. Ultimately, the team’s accomplishment was all the more meaningful because they had faced it together, rather than alone.

Reported by Kim Tae-woon on-site in Hangzhou, this remarkable victory will be etched in the annals of Korean track and field history.

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◀ Anchor ▶

He is the Korean record holder for the 100 meters in track and field, Kuk-young Kim.

I had never won a medal in an international competition, but I finally managed to receive a medal around my neck before I retired.

He won a bronze medal in the men’s 400-metre relay with his younger children who grew up using him as a role model.

It is said to be 37 years since we won a medal in this event.

Kim Kook-young, who finally stood on the podium, shed tears of joy.

Reporter Kim Tae-woon covered the story on site.

◀ Report ▶

A tense moment with 80,000 spectators holding their breath.

The race starts with the start signal.

Lee Jeong-tae, who was in charge at the start, ran fast.

Second runner Kim Kuk-young ran the straight, and the baton was passed to anchor Ko Seung-hwan through third runner Lee Jae-seong.

Full neck sprint to the end.

It was proudly 3rd after China and Japan.

The players roared joyfully at each other, and Ko Seung-hwan, the last runner, sat down and shed tears.

It was a valuable and moving bronze medal in the 400m relay, 37 years since the 1986 Seoul Asian Games.

[고승환/육상 대표팀]

“To be honest, the stage known as the Asian Games was the stage I had dreamed of for 17 years. In fact, I ran with a lot of pressure in preparation to be the fourth runner in the relay. But I’m glad to see such good results. I really feel that I ran without hesitation, without any regrets.”

The one most moved was the eldest brother, 32-year-old Kim Guk-young.

He held his head in disbelief and had a joyous expression the whole time, but soon he shed hot tears.

[김국영/육상 대표팀]

″<지금 이 눈물의 의미가 어떤 의미일까요?> Because it’s so hard… Why are you crying bro? You talk, I can’t do it.”

The Korean 100m track and field athlete was Kim Kuk-young.

I broke the Korean record that had not been broken for 31 years and ran tirelessly to get into the 9 second range.

Among the best 100m records in Korean track and field, all the records from 1st to 7th belong to Kim Kook-young.

For 16 years, I participated in countless competitions wearing the Taegeuk symbol, but it was only in the fourth and final Asian Games that I finally won my first international medal.

[김국영/육상 대표팀]

“It’s not a joke. That was my fourth attempt at the Asian Games, and originally I was planning to do it again in Nagoya (the next competition) if I didn’t win a medal this time. But now, I don’t think I’ll have any time to pass the baton to my younger children and retire happily.”

Despite countless obstacles, I never gave up.

So in the end, we were able to do it, and the lingering feelings of joy and emotion continued deeper because we were together, not alone.

This is Taewoon Kim from MBC News in Hangzhou.

Video commentary: Kim Seung-woo, Seo Doo-beom, Kim Hee-gun / Video editing: Ko Goo-geun

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