‘Korean Zombie’ Chansung Jung, beat this and continue to hope for the presidency

Chansung Jung succeeded in recovering the Dark Horse by defeating Iga. Reporter Song Bong-geun

‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-seong Jung (32) continued his hopes for a featherweight title challenge after waving his slump.

3-0 decision win before this, a successful comeback
Opponent Perfect Response, Smart Zombie

Chan-Sung Jung (4th in featherweight) defeated Dan Iga (USA, 8th) by a 3-0 decision victory at the end of the 5th round in the main event of UFC on ESPN 25 held at Enterprise UFC Apex, Nevada, USA on the 20th (Korean time). This is a player called ‘Hawaiian Zombie’ and has been on the rise with 7 wins and 1 loss recently.

Chansung Jung, on the other hand, lost by decision to Brian Ortega in October last year. If we had won this match, we would have had the opportunity to challenge for the title for the first time in history. Experts predicted the dominance of this.

Chansung Jung attacked aggressively from the first round. With a surprise tackle, he overcame Ige, whose wrestling was his main specialty. In the second round, he was driven by his main specialty, hitting. At the beginning of the second round, he hit an uppercut with his right hand. This staggered.

His defensive skills were also excellent. Ige’s takedown attack was easily blocked. Rather, they counterattacked with Kimura and Choke. In the 3rd round, they won again with ground technology. Ige, who expected a change in hitting, struggled with Jeong Chan-seong’s ever-changing attacks. Like a ‘smart zombie’, Chansung Jung read and blocked the opponent’s attack.

Ige, who was impatient, took an active part in the 4th round. It was a melee battle aiming for a KO. However, Chan-Sung Jeong was not embarrassed and succeeded in taking down again by slamming Ige’s attack. A similar pattern continued in the fifth round. Ige aimed for a KO, and Chansung Jeong cut the flow by attempting a choke aimed at the opponent’s chin and neck. With this, Chan-Sung Jung once again had a chance to challenge for the featherweight championship title.
Reporter Pi Joo-young [email protected]


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