Korea’s first RET-targeted treatment, Retevmo, one step closer to benefits

Lilly Korea’s RET gene mutation-targeted anticancer drug Retebmo (selpercatinib) has taken a step forward in eligibility.

The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service released the results of the 9th Cancer Disease Review Committee (hereinafter referred to as Cancer Quality) on the 2nd.

The result of the review of Letevmo Cancer

Cancer Zilsim has set the reimbursement standards for thyroid cancer and non-small cell lung cancer for the Letevmo Capsule, which Lilly applied for. After re-challenging since last May, he is one step closer to entering the salary range.

Specifically, ▲ advanced or metastatic RET-mutated medullary thyroid cancer requiring systemic therapy ▲ RET fusion-positive thyroid cancer requiring systemic therapy with prior treatment with sorafenib and/or lenvatinib ▲ non-small cell fusion-positive metastatic RET We created a payment standard for lung cancer.

Letevmo is the first RET-targeted anticancer drug to enter Korea and has been approved through an expedited review by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Drugs for which the reimbursement standard has not been extended

On the other hand, TS1 capsules (tegafur + chimeracil + oteracil) + eloxatin (olsaliplatin) infusion tried to expand the reimbursement standards for advanced and metastatic or recurrent gastric cancer, and inoperable advanced or metastatic gastric cancer, but have failed

The combination of Cyprolis (carfilzomib) + Dazalex (daratumumab) + dexamethasone also sought to expand the reimbursement standard to a combination of multiple myeloma that had previously received at least one treatment, but failed to cross the risk threshold cancer.

Drugs that have passed the cancer screening process go through the drug price negotiation stage with the Drug Benefit Evaluation Committee and the Health Insurance Corporation, and then finally the reimbursement is decided by the Health Insurance Policy Review Committee.

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