‘Korea’s opponent’ Uruguay DF, the biggest crisis has come … “World Cup or surgery”

(Export News Intern Reporter Na Seung-woo) Uruguayan defender Ronald Arauho, who will face Korea in the Qatar World Cup, faced the biggest ordeal of his life. A decision has to be made between attending the World Cup or having an operation.

On the 24th (Korea time), in the friendly match Game against Iran held at Arena NV in St. Feuten, Uruguay, on the 24th (Korea time), Arauho grabbed the inside of his right thigh and collapsed within 40 seconds of the fight. Shortly afterwards, the club’s team, Barcelona, ​​reported on the club’s official website that “Araujo will be absent due to a torn muscle in his right thigh.”

We are waiting for the results of the MRI scan, but the situation is not good. Surgery is inevitable for complete recovery. The problem is the World Cup, which is two months away. Meanwhile, Araujo has been running with the goal of participating in the World Cup as the national team of Uruguay. It was impossible for Arauho to give up the World Cup.

Arauho has two options left. Spain Sport said, “Arauho is at a crossroads of choice. Either give up the World Cup and undergo surgery, or receive treatment instead of surgery and recover until the World Cup.” “At the moment, surgery is not his option.”

A centre-back born in 1999, Arauho is not Uruguay’s main defender, but he is a versatile player who can play both centre-back and full-back. Making his debut in Uruguay’s first team in 2020, the South American played nine games in the regional qualifiers and made a significant contribution to qualification for the World Cup.

In this World Cup, Diego Godin and Jose Jimenez were most likely to play as right backs with central defense. For this reason, fans expected a match against Son Heung-min, who plays as a left wing attacker.

If only treatment is done without surgery, Arauho may be able to participate in the World Cup he has dreamed of. But his career after that is unknown. There is already the story of Barcelona senior Samuel Umtiti, who took part in the World Cup without surgery and was reduced to a glass body.

Attention is focused on what choice Arauho will make, who is at the crossroads of his career.

Photo = AP News/Yonhap

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