KOSPI breaks the 2360 line during the day … LG Ensol fell 4% by Hankyung

© Reuters. KOSPI breaks the 2360 line during the day … LG Ensol fell 4%

On the morning of the 19th, the dealing room of the Hana Bank Myeongdong branch in Jung-gu, Seoul. Photo = News 1 The KOSPI retreated to the 2350 level during the day.

As of 11:31 am on the 19th, the KOSPI is trading at 2359.66, down 23.12 points (0.97%) from the previous trading day. The KOSPI, which started to rise from the 2,380 level on the same day, declined due to strong overseas selling, and then extended its decline. In the stock market, individuals alone buy 103.4 billion won, while foreigners and institutions sell 108.8 billion won and 2.9 billion won, respectively.

Among the top 10 stocks by market capitalization, LG Energy Solutions leads the decline in the stock market with a decline of 4%. LG Energy Solution, which closed at 506,000 won on the 16th, is currently trading at 480,000 won. SK Hynix (KS:) (-1.1%), Hyundai Motor (KS:) (-1%), and Kakao (KS:) (-1.94%) were weak by 1%. Samsung Electronics (KS 🙂 (-0.18%) showed a weak trend.

At the same time, the index is trading at 757.85, down 12.19 points (1.58%) from the previous day. Individuals and institutions buy a net of 101.4 billion won and 11.1 billion won, respectively, while foreigners sell a net of 104.8 billion won.

Among the top 10 stocks by market cap, 7 stocks, including Celltrion Healthcare (KQ:) (-0.15%) and L&F (-3.54%), are down. Only three stocks are rising: EcoproBM (KQ:) (1.3%), HLB (KQ:) (0.24%), and JYP Entertainment (0.65%).

The market does not seem to lose sight of the September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) scheduled for the 20th-21st (local time). The prospect of the US central bank (Fed) raising interest rates by 75 basis points (1 bp = 0.01 percentage point) is becoming a strength.

The New York Stock Exchange last weekend ended lower on the forecast of a recession from FedEx, the ‘business weathercock’ amid tensions ahead of the FOMC. Seo Jeong-hoon, a researcher at Samsung Securities, said, “Until in the past, the stock market often saw a relief rally after the FOMC, but given the recent strengthening of the Fed’s will to contain inflation, the market’s vigilance against austerity is expected to remain for a long time even after the event is over.” he explained.

At the same time, the won-dollar exchange rate is trading at 1391.8 won, up 3.8 won from the previous market. The exchange rate started at 1,385 won, down 3 wins, and then turned up around 10:30 for that day.

Shin Hyun-ah, reporter at Hankyung.com sha0119@hankyung.com

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