KOSPI recovers to 2600 line in a year, KOSDAQ rises for 4 days in a row… exchange rate plunge

– Hunpung from US… Debt ceiling deal passed by Congress, New York stock market booming
– Driving up the KOSPI by foreign and institutional net buying… KRW gained 1305.7, down 15.9 gained the dollar

2nd KOSPI, KOSDAQ index status. The KOSPI index recovered to the 2600 line in a year after June 9 last year, and the KOSDAQ index rose for 4 consecutive trading days. (Photo = internet capture)

[인사이드비나=조길환 기자] The domestic stock market showed favorable signs on the 2nd, ending the week on a positive note. The KOSPI index rose to the 2600 line, and the KOSDAQ index rose for 4 consecutive trading days, recording the highest level in over a month. The dollar-earning exchange rate fell sharply.

On this day, the KOSPI index closed at 2601.36, up 32.19 points (1.25%) from the previous trading day, and recovered to the 2600 line in almost a year since the closing price on June 9 last year (2625.44). The KOSDAQ index closed at 868.06, up 4.28 points (0.50%), continuing its upward trend for four consecutive trading days, recording the highest since April 21st (868.82).

The increase in the domestic stock market on this day is interpreted to be mainly due to the favorable performance of the New York stock market due to the passage of the US federal government debt ceiling agreement by Congress and the expectations of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate freeze.

The rise in the KOSPI index was led by foreign and institutional investors. Foreign investors bought net 379.8 billion won and institutional investors won 200 billion. On the other hand, individuals appeared to profit by selling a net 576.2 billion won.

In the KOSDAQ market, institutions bought a net 99.1 billion won, but foreign investors and individuals sold a net 29.8 billion and won 35.6 billion, respectively.

Among the top 20 stocks by market capitalization in the KOSPI market, 17 stock prices rose, 2 stocks fell, and SK Hynix recorded flat.

Daejangju Samsung Electronics rose 1,300 won (1.83%) to 72,200 won, followed by LG Chem (4.95%), POSCO Holdings (4.29%), POSCO Future M (4.03%), and SK Innovation (2.01%).

In comparison, bio stocks such as Samsung BioLogics (-0.38%) and Celltrion (-1.08%) were weak.

Among the top 20 stocks in the KOSDAQ market capitalization, 11 stocks rose, 7 stocks fell, and 2 stocks closed, including Celltrion Wak Kakao Games, the market flat.

Daejangju Ecopro BM closed at 255,000 won, gained 5,500 up (2.20%), as well as secondary battery-related stocks such as Ecopro (0.89%) and L&F (0.38%). The stock prices of JYP Ent. (1.10%) and Pearl Abyss (2.94%) also show good trends.

On the other hand, the stock prices of HSPS (-3.97%), Dongjin Semichem (-2.46%), and Alteogen (-1.89%) fell.

Meanwhile, in the Seoul foreign exchange market, the won-dollar exchange rate fell 15 won and 90 to close at 1,305 won and 70 won.

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