KOSPI starts to weaken amid US FOMC announcement… During the day, the 2,700 line collapsed (total)

KOSPI and KOSDAQ drop (PG) affected by COVID-19

picture explanationKOSPI and KOSDAQ drop (PG) affected by COVID-19

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The KOSPI fell for the fifth day at the beginning of the market on the 27th, falling below the 2,700 line.

As of 9:23 a.m. that day, the KOSPI was down 21.57 points (0.80%) from the previous day to 2,687.67.

It is the first time since December 3, 2020 (2,672.85) that the 2,700 line broke during the day.

The index rose to 2,720 immediately after starting flat at 2,709.24, but soon turned downward due to strong selling by foreigners and individuals.

In the stock market, foreigners and individuals net sold 836.3 billion won and 575.2 billion won, respectively, pulling down the index.

On the other hand, institutions have an advantage in buying 1.4501 trillion won.

On the 26th (local time), the New York stock market showed a strong uptrend from the early part of the market to right after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, but returned the rise to the warning of a rate hike by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and closed mixed. did.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 fell 0.38% and 0.15%, respectively, while the tech-focused Nasdaq Index closed up 0.02%.

In a statement issued after the two-day FOMC meeting, the Fed said it would keep the US federal interest rate at the current level of 0.00-0.25%, but plan to raise rates soon in light of improved employment conditions and continued inflation.

Chairman Powell said at a press conference after the regular meeting that “there is quite a lot of room for rate hikes without threatening the labor market.”

Jiyoung Han Kiwoom Securities[039490] “The fact that in the January FOMC statement, the March interest rate hike and subsequent quantitative tightening discussions were more concrete than before, is already at the level expected by the market,” the researcher said. appears to have provoked it again,” he said.

LG Energy Solutions, listed on the same day, plunged 16.25% after forming an opening price of 597,000 won, slightly less than twice the public offering price (300,000 won). Currently, it is being traded at 500,000 won, which is 67% higher than the public offering price. Its market cap stood at 117 trillion won, ranking second in the KOSPI.

In addition, Samsung Electronics in the top market cap[005930](-0.55%), Naver (-0.48%), Samsung Biologics[207940](-2.77%), LG Chem[051910](-3.01%), Samsung SDI[006400](-0.79%), Hyundai Motor Company[005380](-1.32%), cacao[035720](-1.38%), etc., are declining. SK hynix[000660](0.85%) and starvation[000270](0.90%) is on the rise.

At the same time, the KOSDAQ index was 874.08, down 8.01 points (0.91%) from the previous day.

The index started at 884.23, up 2.14 points (0.24%) from the battlefield, and turned downward.

In the KOSDAQ market, foreigners and institutions net sold 96.6 billion won and 3.5 billion won, respectively, while individuals were net buying 110 billion won.

Celltrion Healthcare in the top market cap[091990](-1.89%), L&F[066970](-3.31%), Pearl Abyss[263750](-2.32%), Kakao Games[293490](-2.70%), Wemade[112040](-4.80%) showed weakness, and EcoProBM[247540](2.74%), Chunbo[278280](0.21%) and others are rising.


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