Kotaro Kiyomiya returns to No. 1 and No. 2. The pitcher is stunned by the outfield bullets with a different dimensional ballistics… Appeal to Director Shinjo |

In April, he injured his side and was disenrolled, but returned to actual combat on the 4th with the 2nd army.

Nippon-Ham fielder Kotaro Kiyomiya fired a bullet into the outfield in the 4th inning of Yakult’s 2nd game at Army held in Kamagaya on the 10th. This is the first hit in the 4th game since returning to battle on the 4th. In addition, in the 5th at-bat, he threw a home run for 2 consecutive at-bats to right center, making a strong appeal for him to return to the 1st Army.

Kiyomiya, who started at “7th and 1st base”, hit a straight ball off Yakult Takanashi’s full count in the 4th inning. The batted ball bounced out of bounds beyond the anti-ball net at the back of the right wing stand. Takanashi, who was hit, looked up at the batted ball for a moment and gave up. In the 5th at bat, Espinal’s first ball was carried to right center.

This season, Kiyomiya injured his left side during the swing against Lotte on April 20, and his registration was canceled on April 22. 288 batting average and 1 home run in 17 games, but seems to be in good shape again .

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