Kovic-19 Cause Easier to connect with Long-Term COVID Symptoms of frequent episodes

Professor Yong Poovorawan or “Doctor Yong” Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook Post Issues “COVID-19Please explainKovicRight now, it’s easier to connect.

How long ago was the virusCOVID-19 evolved to change the species making contact easier spreading disease easily But the violence did not increase. We can see that the species has evolved over time. The more invasive species will take their place.

Reduction in disease severity Caused by immunity from vaccine or infection The whole human body recognizes this virus and when infected reduce symptoms Except for those with fragile bodies.

Avoiding this virus The next one will be more difficult. In particular, there is relief and life returns to normal.

The habits that can be done now are:

1. Make your body strong. exercise regularly get enough sleep Eat healthy and nutritious food. Take care of health, hygiene, cleanliness, eating hot food, using serving spoons, washing hands.

2. Building immunity against COVID-19 with at least 3 doses of vaccination and who received the last dose or has been infected for more than 6 months, in a risk group, should receive a booster vaccine Or anyone who thinks that it’s dangerous to get infected easily It deserves to be vaccinated for prevention. such as front line personnel

3. Avoid going to crowded places, large crowds. If you need to go, you must act. strictly in self defense Normal healthy people do not need an ATK test, for example going to school.

4. When a respiratory disease is suspected Diagnostic tests such as an ATK check should be received, receiving appropriate care. and prevent the spread of infection to others

5. When infected or sick, care should be taken and treated appropriately. Keep samples for at least 5 days to prevent spreading to others. After that, even if he goes out to society, he should continue to prevent the disease for another 5 days.

6. Symptoms that persist after COVID-19 (Prolonged COVID) will occur in the first few weeks and will mostly go away. Most of the symptoms are related to feelings. without detecting pathology So, there is no need to panic. as the news Most of the population is currently infected or sick, about 70 percent, and most of them can live a normal life without any problems.

7. Life must go on in the present state. Let’s not let COVID-19 become obstacles in life

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