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Mumbai: An IIT-Kanpur expert has said that there is a possibility of a third wave of Kovid in the country. In the third wave, between one and one and a half lakh cases may be reported daily in the country. Mahindra Agarwal, a partner in Kovid’s mathematical projection, told PTI that the current assessment is that the third wave is likely to occur in February and will be less intense than the second wave.

He added that the Omicron variant is considered to be less lethal than the Delta variant. There have been no cases of hospitalization in South Africa where Omicron was first reported.

Agarwal told the news agency that although the new variant has a higher spread capacity, there are indications that it is not as deadly as the Delta variant. During the second wave, more than four lakh cases were reported daily in the country. The third wave reached its peak in May. Agarwal added that partial lockdown, night curfew and congestion control could help control the Omicron expansion just as Delta did.

There are currently 23 confirmed Omicrons in the country. The highest number of cases were reported in Maharashtra (10), Rajasthan (9), Karnataka (2), Delhi and Gujarat one each.

This variant was first identified in South Africa. The scientific name for this virus variant is B1.1.529. Omicron is thought to be more potent than current corona virus variants. The scientific community fears that these may outperform the current Kovid vaccines.

The Omicron variant is included in the category of concerns, according to the World Health Organization. Earlier the Delta variant was also included in this category.

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