Kovid expansion; Tovino postpones release of ‘Naradan’ movie | Tovino movie ‘Naradan’ release postponed

Kochi: The release of ‘Naradan’ directed by Aashiq Abu with Tovino Thomas and Anna Benn in the lead roles has been postponed. The film was slated for a worldwide release on January 27 in theaters. However, Kovid postponed the release due to the threat of a third wave and the expansion of the Omicron variant.

Aashiq Abu ‘Naradan’ is based on the media world of contemporary India. There is an active debate among film lovers as to whether the film is about morality in the news or competition between media outlets. The trailer with Tovino’s dialogue, ‘This is India, not America or Europe’, had attracted attention, reminding prominent Indian media personalities. The trailer hints that this will be a movie with the character of a political thriller.

Tovino is all set to release after the hit ‘Minnal Murali’, ‘Mayanadi’ will star Aashiq and Tovino together, and ‘Sarasi’ will be followed by Anna Benn’s ‘Naradan’.

Unni. R. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the film are by. Tovino arrives at the film in two different getups. The film stars Sharafuddin, Indrans, Jafar Idukki, Vijaya Raghavan, Joy Mathew, Ranji Panicker, Raghunath Paleri, Deepan Sivaraman and Jayaraj Warrier.

Produced by Santosh Kuruvila, Rima Kallingal and Aashiq Abu. Jafar Sadiq is the camera. Editing by Saiju Sreedharan. The music is composed by DJ Sekhar Menon and the original soundtrack is composed by Neha and Jackson Perera. Art – Gokul Das, Costume Design – Masher Hamsa, Makeup – Ronax Xavier, Executive Producer – Abid Abu, Wasim Haider, Production Controller – Benny Kattappana, Distribution – OPM Cinemas, PRO – Athira Diljith.



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