Kovid fears again in China; Suspicion from clothing parcels | Covid 19 | Clothing Deliveries

BEIJING ആരോപണം Allegations are mounting that the re-emergence of Kovid in China is from parcels from clothing stores. Kovid confirmed to three employees of a children’s clothing factory in Hubei, China. Following this, the company informed that those who received the parcel from here and handled the clothes should be inspected by Kovid.

Authorities said they had inspected 300 packages sent from a Haohui e-commerce company in China’s Hubei province. But the test result was negative. In addition to clothing packages, China also inspects imported frozen foods. Authorities said parcels from abroad or from high-risk areas in China should be disinfected.

The Chinese government is taking strong measures to prevent another Kovid wave. China is looking at all possible ways to eliminate the source of the virus as the Delta variant, which has affected thousands of people, is likely to erupt. In addition to the closure of educational institutions and leisure centers, the authorities have strongly instructed that the area reported by Kovid be inspected by all. The National Health Commission of China reported 39 cases that spread locally.

English Summary :China Suspects Kids Clothing Deliveries Are Spreading Covid



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