Kovid to 348 more in Saudi; 4 Death, do not worry about the vaccine

Riyadh: The Ministry of Labor has announced that 348 new cases of Kovid have been reported in Saudi Arabia. All four deaths were recorded. Authorities said 247 patients had recovered. With this, the total number of cases in the country was 382407, the number of deaths was 6567 and the number of cases was 372703. There are 3137 patients being treated in different parts of the country. Of these, 555 remain in critical condition.

Vaccines given in the country are safe and effective. Elderly people should be the first consideration in getting the vaccine. More than half of the cases reported today are in Riyadh. Health Ministry spokesman Mohammad Abdul Ali said the best way to prevent the epidemic was to follow procedures. In some countries, suspension of the astrazene vaccine is a routine procedure. He added that many have started using it again. There is no need to undergo corona testing before receiving the vaccine. He added that the regular press conference on Corona will now be every Sunday.

The number of critically ill patients has increased by two compared to yesterday. 14307143 Kovid inspections have already been completed in the country including 34731 Kovid inspections conducted in the last 24 hours. Riyadh province is at the top of the list with 179 confirmed seats. Other regions include Makkah 52, Eastern Province 44, Al Qasim 13, Azir 10, Madinah 9, Hail 8, Northern Region 7, Tabuk 6, Al Jawf 6, Najran 6, Al Baha 4 and Jizan 4. There are 217 critically ill patients in Riyadh alone. There are 121 in the intensive care unit in Makkah and 86 in the eastern province. Al Qasim 29, Hail 19, Azir 17, Madinah 17, Jizan 14, Tabuk 10, Najran 9, Northern Region 8, Al Jawf 4 and Al Baha 4 are the other regions in the region. So far, 214,1983 people have completed the Kovid vaccine in the country, officials said.


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