Kowloon City Luxury Bakery Half Century Cream Perfume Countdown to the 70th Staff Day, 13 Hours of Regular Customer Queues to Remember the Taste of Childhood

The luxury bakery which has been standing on Nga Tsin Wai Road in Kowloon City for 48 years announced a few days ago that it will be open until September 30 to say goodbye to its neighbours.

[Adroddiad Newyddion Yahoo]For half a century, Yaqian Wai Road in Kowloon City has always been surrounded by a creamy smell, but this smell is about to disappear with the wind. A Kowloon City landmark, a luxury bakery that has been in business for 48 years, due to the old age of the owner, Mr and Mrs Zhou, and their children there is no intention of taking over. At present, only two employees are letting go with the luxury pastry through the last few years. The 70-year-old staff girl suffered from lower back pain and cooked for 13 hours, serving guests fresh and fragrant egg tarts. A large number of regular customers formed long queues outside the shop to buy nostalgic cakes and relive their childhood memories with their taste buds.

Text reporter: Lu Peiyao

Photojournalist: HLKP


As soon as the news broke that the luxury bakery was about to close, there were long queues outside the shop every day, and dozens of people were already lined up at 10 am.

蛋撻是 豪華餅店的招牌粉粉,亲有街坊詢問花生朱古力存貨,但但由於結業,豪華大多可史賣蛋撻,其餘精餐均限量發发.蛋撻是 豪華餅店的招牌粉粉,亲有街坊詢問花生朱古力存貨,但但由於結業,豪華大多可史賣蛋撻,其餘精餐均限量發发.

Egg tarts are the main luxury bakery food, and neighbors also inquired about the stock of peanut chocolate, however, due to the end of business, most of the luxury bakeries only sell egg tarts, and the rest of the food is sold in limited quantities.


After some youngsters have successfully broken egg tarts, they “punch in” outside the shop as a souvenir.

Since the news of the luxury bakery’s closure came out, the crowd outside the shop at 7 am every morning grew longer and longer. What the reporter saw yesterday, around 30 people are still standing outside the door at 9 o’clock in the morning during the week to say goodbye to the old shop. “In the last few days, the sales (egg tarts) are almost 50 (about 1,500)!” The 73-year-old ball girl who “kicked” at the front door was very busy. one, each step with speed and precision, is the result of his 20 years of training.

於豪華餅店擔任20年門面的球姐, 雖年屆七旬, 但非日做13小時, 伴豪象最於豪華餅店擔任20年門面的球姐, 雖年屆七旬, 但非日做13小時, 伴豪象最

She has worked as a salesperson in a luxury bakery for 20 years. Although she is in her seventies, she still works for 13 hours a day and goes with the luxury on her last trip.

球姐指,内官客量增多, every day sell 50底蛋撻, 即every day sell 1,500個。球姐指,内官客量增多, every day sell 50底蛋撻, 即every day sell 1,500個。

Miss Ball pointed out that the number of customers has increased recently, and that almost 50 egg tarts are sold every day, that is, around 1,500 egg tarts are sold every day.

Egg tarts only use local egg buns and continue to use whipped cream

The luxury bakery is famous for its old-fashioned way of making, and the nostalgic Hong Kong-style pastries such as flower rolls and Nestle cakes that are rarely available in the market are the town shop’s trump cards. selling 3,000 pieces a day during peak hours. Mr. Zhou, the pastry shop “Shitou”, was originally a pastry chef, and in the past, he insisted on making all cakes and breads by himself. However, the owner and his wife are old and ill, and there are only two workers left in the shop, namely the ball sister and a pastry chef.


Another worker in the shop is Fu Afu, the pastry chef.

Miss Ball pointed out that the boss still insists on using local eggs to make egg tarts, “The local eggs are the most stable first, because they won’t be able to give up on others. It’s not too hard to wear!” An egg tart made from local eggs is also even better, “Each generation is in the best selling egg tarts.” The cook will bake the egg tart in an iron egg tart mould, and the girl will hold the whole plate to the front, and then release the mold with her hands when it is hot, and put the fresh and hot egg tart in the box. She burned her fingers once but insisted on using her bare hands, just because every second counts, “if it’s done with gloves, it shouldn’t be the freshest.”

As for bread, although the luxurious style of buns is not as bright as the one in the market, the ball sister described it as better than a full stomach. The shop follows the Cantonese style of making, and replaces the lighter fresh cream commonly used in the market with creamy cream, which is firmer, has a bite, and is more filling.


When the chef has finished making the egg tarts, the ball sister needs to remove the iron egg tart mold with her bare hands and put each egg tart into the box.


The luxury bakery’s colorful flower design is also one of the symbols. After buying egg tarts, a customer asked to take an extra box as a souvenir.

Fa Ge visits “everything likes food” every week

. Miss Cuckold said with a smile that Fa Ge visits once a week, “He likes to eat everything! Fa Ge is a good person”, and also noted that he serves as the shop manager to help sell cakes, “He’s the whole egg tart array has tried to kiss!”

Before she joined LUXE, she was an old neighborhood in Kowloon City, and had been working hard in the catering industry in the area. “I used to be in Jinhao (tea restaurant) for more than 10 years, and I’ve been looking at shopping malls since then.” Miss Cuckold’s home is adjacent to the luxurious Yaqianwei Road. Being single-minded about work is also an old-fashioned feeling.

The old house is being rebuilt, the old shop is closed, the neighbors are delighted

As for the boss, Miss Qiu loves and hates her, “It doesn’t matter if you are the boss, but the boss is so troublesome, you have to take care of everything. Trouble!” Boss appeared. Zhou to love the old worker very much. Miss Ball remembered trying to put the key down in front of him: “You don’t like me, I don’t”. After listening to the boss, he was worried: “I love you! You have to stay low!” It took 20 years to pull and pull like this. There was also a group of neighbors who made her wait, “I will get a special gift for the holiday. I have moon cakes before, and a few days before, I will receive 300 mosquito nets! “After 13 hours from work, the waist and bones were under stress, and I decided to get better. “Your grandmother is in her 70s, will you ask her to do that?”

球姐曾居九龍城 for many years, 與街坊意名情厚,笑言全部熟客每造過時節都會向禹送厚球姐曾居九龍城 for many years, 與街坊意名情厚,笑言全部熟客每造過時節都會向禹送厚

Miss Ball has lived in Kowloon City for many years, and has a deep relationship with her neighbors, and jokes that many regular customers will give her gifts every season.

As early as three years ago, Miss Ball moved because the building she lived in was going to be rebuilt, and the bakery where she worked was about to close. Kowloon City was i’ see her getting further and further away from her. what to do next.” Kowloon City is about to be rebuilt, but she’s not afraid to be completely unrecognizable.” We are not like the old people. Rebuilding doesn’t matter. The old won’t go away, and the new will be different?”.

“You won’t find it in a new shop if it tastes like this”

Miss Ng, who has lived in Kowloon City for almost 30 years, came to visit especially, “Actually, I want to buy flower rolls the most, but I have to return to egg tarts. I disappointed! “She pointed out that she rarely had the opportunity to eat cake when she was a child, and she treasured it every time. An important childhood memory, “one has to do with the chocolate noodles, cloudy noodles, and the thin one is greedy and delicious, but there It is not a place to sell it at home.” She also likes the luxurious bread that’s firm and full.” And most of the new bread is factory-made, and it seems I’ve never eaten it. ” He felt a pity for the luxurious departure, “If you have such a taste, you will not be able to eat in the shop in its new form.”

伍 小姐 小姐 於城區 living for 近 30 年 , 她 她 指兒 時 最愛吃 豪華餅店 的 花卷 , 「「 有 雲呢拿 , 細個係貪呢 啲味 啲味 」麵包較硬身比比比安利新式的麵包更飽肚。伍 小姐 小姐 於城區 living for 近 30 年 , 她 她 指兒 時 最愛吃 豪華餅店 的 花卷 , 「「 有 雲呢拿 , 細個係貪呢 啲味 啲味 」麵包較硬身比比比安利新式的麵包更飽肚。

Miss Ng has lived in Kowloon City for almost 30 years. She said she loved luxury bakery flower rolls when she was a child. “Chocolate and vanilla are at the top, and the thin ones have a greedy taste.” , the luxury bread is harder and harder than The new bread outside is more filling.

Mr. Yung is also a luxury “loyal fan”, He will definitely visit Kowloon City for more than 10 years. Yesterday, he came to Tsuen Wan to buy egg tarts. Rong Zhi said that luxury products are the taste of memories. “It’s a different taste of food, so it must be a shame that the more old-fashioned shops are becoming more and more insistent, it’s better to ask Fat Brother to do it!” As for recreating Dinas Kowloon, he sighs helplessly, “It’s all the progress of the time, but I hope you can stick (keep) to the old shop, and balance (balance) is the best.”

容先生10 years old來每到九龍城區定必光顧豪華餅店,認為餅店所幝龍城區定必光顧豪華餅店,認為餅店所吃店所夅光顧豪華餅店所夅到性来圌
容先生10 years old來每到九龍城區定必光顧豪華餅店,認為餅店所幝龍城區定必光顧豪華餅店,認為餅店所夅光顧豪華餅店所夅到性来圌

For more than 10 years, Mr. Yung has to visit a luxury bakery in Kowloon City. He thinks that what he eats in the bakery is the taste of his childhood.

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