Kozhikode Nipa Outbreak: No New Positive Cases, Restrictions Eased

Kozhikode: Nipa Scare Subsides as All Test Results Turn Negative

In a major sigh of relief, the concerns surrounding Nipa virus have diminished in the Kozhikode area. Out of the 49 test results received, all have come back negative, indicating no new positive cases. However, there remains a slight worry as two individuals from the high-risk list are currently displaying symptoms. Both of these individuals had been in direct contact with a patient who had tested positive for Avasan virus.

In a proactive measure, health workers exhibiting symptoms have been promptly admitted to the medical college for thorough examination and necessary treatment. Furthermore, the tests conducted on 14 samples collected from bats have also shown no traces of the virus. Yesterday’s release of 71 sample results has also confirmed that there are no new cases.

In a positive development, restrictions have been eased in nine panchayats of the Vadakara taluk, which were initially declared as restricted zones due to the outbreak. This step showcases the efforts made by the local authorities to contain and control the spread of the disease.

Kozhikode: Nipa concern in the area is over. 49 results were reported as negative. Currently, no new positive cases have been reported. But two people on the high-risk list have symptoms. Both have been in contact with a patient who tested positive for Avasan.

Health workers who have been diagnosed with symptoms have been admitted to the medical college. Also, the results of 14 samples collected from bats were negative. The results of 71 samples released yesterday are also negative. Restrictions have been relaxed in 9 panchayats of Vadakara taluk, which were initially declared a restricted zone due to the outbreak of the disease.

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