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KPCC burden list: Group A loses in Thrissur district | KPCC: Group A loses in Thrissur district

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Thrissur: KPCC has announced the list of office bearers in Kathirippu. Now the loss to Group A in the district. There is a general secretary and two executive committee members. Included from.

Former MLA ATU from I Group as General Secretary. Considered by Radha Krishna. Former KPCC Vice President Padma Jaway on the Executive Committee Nugopal and former MLA Anil Akkara were also included. Anil Akkara is not from Group A, P.T. The list goes on and on in the experience of Thomas Zuma. The damage was done to Group A. The General Secretary along with the District President is also on the Executive Committee. The I Group, which includes Padmaja, is in the lead. At the same time, when it comes to the KPCC secretary list, Group A is not enough. Leaders say there will be no representation. When the jumbo list was shortened, the representation from the district was also large. Decreased.

Former Minister C.N. The position of KPCC Treasurer, which has been in the hands of Bala Krishna since time immemorial. Last time K.K. Even though Kochu Muhammed had stopped by, he was still in the organization. It was lost. Adv. Pratap Chandra is the new KPCC Treasurer. There were five KPCC general secretaries now. The rally was reduced to a handful. Criticism of the leadership in the run-up to the election is no exception. Padmaja Venu Gopal is the one who sent the highest. Appoint the KPCC Commission of Inquiry in this regard. Is.

The Life Mission controversy, which has caused a great deal of controversy even in national politics. Ani Akkara is a person who is committed to the cause. In 2016, Anil Akkara won the North Kancheri by 43 votes. The Left and the CPI (M) have been blamed for the election. Anil Akkara, who contested for the second term in the Lok Sabha constituency. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about 15,168 votes. KPCC heavyweight return to Anil Akkara Will jump. John Daniel, Joe from Group A on the KPCC Secretary List SoftJet is also a member of the I Group. Prasad, Sunil and Anthikkad are the ones who are being considered. ന. In a situation where the number of heavy vehicles is declining, only two or three people are allowed. It is possible to calculate.


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