Kru Koi, wife of James Ruangsak, suggested “black chicken soup”, a nutritious menu that stimulates blood circulation.

Kru Koi, James Ruangsak’s wife, suggested “black chicken soup”, a rich menu that stimulates blood circulation according to Chinese recipes.

“Black Chicken Soup”A healthy menu to nourish the body according to Chinese recipes according to Chinese history black chickenIt is considered a food that has elixir value. or is considered the only food of the emperor Because the black chicken is a breed that is difficult and rich.
Canosine, an antioxidant that reduces glycation which damages cells and DNA, is considered an elixir for people who regularly eat black chicken meat to reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease. Fat can clog’ r arteries. Meanwhile, black chicken and bone are excellent sources of protein. Rich in vitamins to nourish the body And there are 20 types of minerals that are essential for the body, with 8 types that cannot be found in general food. It is also low in cholesterol. Therefore, it is considered a food that meets the needs of health lovers. And it is a menu to prepare for pregnancy that Chinese people like to cook to nourish the internal system of infertile women or couples. It is also popular to cook black chicken soup for sick people to refresh and increase energy.

Koi Teacher – Natcha Loychusak Founder of Baby & Mom (Thailand) Co, Ltd and Teaching to prepare for pregnancy for infertile people He studies and compiles research on the principles of nutrition in a diet that will help improve fertility, nourish eggs , nourish the uterus and balance hormones. According to the principles of fertility supplements (Fertility Diet), also known as “Kru Koi Pregnancy Diet Scriptures” That is eating a variety and completing 5 food groups, which includes the main food groups. (Macronutrients) 70% and vitamins and minerals. (Micronutrients) 30% with the following principles 1. Increase protein 2. Reduce carbs 3. Avoid sweet 4. Eat good fatty acids 5. Emphasize anti-oxidants and 6. Supplement vitamins that are nourished by fertile menus. “Black Chicken Soup” It is one of the scriptural menus for Pregnancy Foods that Professor Koi recommends to infertile people who follow the page. has been around for 6 years and is a great food that infertile people have picked up as a fertile menu.

by properties“Black Chicken”can have medicinal effects Because black chicken meat contains melanin, it has more advantages than general chicken, such as protein level up to 85.35%, 23% more than normal chicken, very low fat, only 3% compared to general chicken meat, and is low in fat up to 5.5 times Food with medicinal properties that help nourish the body. Suitable for women preparing for pregnancy and after giving birth because black chicken is rich in iron. Contains phosphorus to help build strong bones. and blood nourishment It also helps to nourish the brain. Strengthen the functioning of the body to resist various diseases. or who is sick with weakness Black chicken also has properties. It helps the body to heal faster too. Professor Koi repeats.

by climax “Black Chicken Soup by Professor Koi goes to the kitchen”It is the only one in Thailand that has been stewed for more than 10 hours until the bones of the black chicken are ground into the soup to absorb the protein in amino acids immediately. and has a higher protein value than general chicken by up to 23%. Fragrant herbs. Thick soup and fine texture, delicious taste, easy to eat, easy on the throat, stimulate blood circulation and many benefits. It also has medicinal properties to help nourish the body with all 3 formulas, incl Formula 1 Pregnancy Preparation “Dang Gui Fresh Black Chicken Soup Stew with Chinese Medicine”, Formula 2 Postpartum Nutrition “Black Chicken Soup, Ginger, Banana Blossom, Pepper” aFormula 3 Strength Recovery “Black Chicken Soup with Korean Ginseng and Bamboo Pulp”

by a rich menu “Fresh Dang Gui Black Chicken Soup Stew with Chinese Herbsby Professor Koi goes into the Formula 1 kitchen to prepare for pregnancy”opt in “Fresh Ginseng Tang Kui” Providing more medicinal value than dry ginseng It is also considered the queen of Chinese herbs. Because Tang Gui ginseng contains important substances such as ligastili, ferulic acid and polysaccharides. and it contains vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin A, which is popular with traditional Chinese medicine to be cooked as a drug to treat hypotension or blood nutrition due to ginseng dong quai It is high in iron and contains essential minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, and zinc, which help produce red blood cells. radiate with softness And most importantly, Tang Kui ginseng also has a soothing effect. Adverse reactions in postmenopausal women such as hot flashes

and also “More than 17 types of Chinese medicine tonics” For example, Ngek Tek, Pac Kee, Huai Sua, Ginger Paste, Gooseberry, Doo Dong, Tangcium, Star anise. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is often used for nourishing women who want to have children. and infertility due to imbalance in the internal system

in brief “Dang Gui Fresh Black Chicken Soup Stewed with Chinese Herbs Teacher Koi goes to the kitchen and Formula 1 prepares to conceive.” have chosen raw materials very carefully by choosing a good breed of black chicken And choose to use fresh ginseng from the top of the mountain, through the process of stewing for more than 10 hours until the bones of the black chicken are crushed. The soup provides protein with amino acid levels. Dang Gui ginseng and a selection of Chinese medicines are also dissolved in the broth. When taken daily, it provides nutrition to women planning a pregnancy. How to eat for women preparing to become pregnant: during the preparation period to nurture eggs, eat 1 cup a day, prepare the uterine wall, eat 2 cups a day, during pregnancy 1-3 months, do not eat first because Dong Mae Kui has a hot effect after 4 months of pregnancy Take 1 cup daily for pregnancy. Or for men, get ready to pump kids to eat 1 cup a day by stewing fresh black chicken soup with Chinese medicine. Teacher Koi goes to the kitchen and Formula 1 prepares to conceive. Packing size is per cup. 300 ml in 1 set contains 10 cups, the price is 1,800 baht per set.

for postpartum mothers Teacher Koi Natchahave recommended “Black Chicken Soup, Ginger, Banana Blossom, Pepper, Formula 2, Postpartum Care” It is a formula to nourish the mother after giving birth. Helps to increase milk and nutrients With the best raw materials of nature and perfect precision It comes out as black chicken soup which has a mellow taste. “ginger” One of the great elixirs, full of protein, calcium and vitamins. Helping mothers after giving birth can heal well. It helps control cholesterol levels in the body It also lowers blood pressure. Helps to lose weight in mothers after giving birth well Helps to increase blood circulation, stimulate milk, reduce inflammation, drive saliva, uterus into the garage, relieve morning sickness, nausea, dizziness.

There is also“Banana plant” Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Fibre, Potassium, Magnesium
flavonoid acid Antioxidant and ethanol Helper to create milk so that the baby gets the highest nutritional value. can prevent the growth of bacteria and germs help heal wounds Helps reduce blood sugar levels Helps treat excessive bleeding uterine conditioning And reduce constipation problems due to pregnancy. Pepper has a hot taste which helps in good blood circulation. And stimulate milk to help expel wind in the intestines, expel wind in the stomach, relieve colic, tightness, abdominal pain, sweating, reduce body heat. “Black Chicken Soup, Ginger, Banana Blossom, Pepper, Formula 2, Postpartum Care”For lactating mothers, eat 2-3 cups a day, prepare to nourish eggs, nourish the body, take 1 cup a day, 4 months pregnant, take 1 cup a day, nutritious pregnancy formula 2, packing size 200 ml per cup, in 1 set contains 10 The price of the cup is 1,200 baht per set.

Not only those who plan to prepare for pregnancy and birth. “Black Chicken Soup” It is also suitable for general people or fathers who care about their health in preparation for having children and infertility. or patients or those in rehabilitation who need health care or rehabilitation Increase the body’s immunity Recommended. “Black Chicken Soup with Korean Ginseng Stewby Professor Koi goes to the kitchen, formula 3 to restore strength”A formula to nourish the body to be perfectly healthy. Overall, there are medicinal properties“Korean Ginseng”That helps adjust the heart rate to return to normal more quickly. So the body slows down. have better endurance to work Helps to create energy, reduce stress. Help to adapt the physical and mental state to be more resistant to various conditions Control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. slow cell degeneration strengthen the immune system balance sex hormones Improve general health There is also a mixture of “Bamboo pulp” in mushrooms Also known as the net mushroom It is high in antioxidants, reducing the risk of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, preventing dementia. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Help restore damaged skin cells, reduce wrinkles, speed up the production of new skin cells. Suitable for men preparing to pump the baby, eat 1 cup a day to increase strength, or patients or in the process of rehabilitation, take 2 cups a day, or women who are 4 months pregnant and take 1 cup a day to nurture the pregnancy. Or prepare to nourish eggs, nourish the body, eat 1 cup a day through stewed black chicken soup, Korean ginseng, bamboo pulp, formula 3, restore strength, packing size 200 ml per cup, in 1 set includes 10 cups, price 1,200 baht per set.

“Black Chicken Soup by Professor Koi goes to the kitchen”All 3 formulas are chosen for the best, so they are suitable for nourishing the body for those preparing to conceive. a man who wants to pump a baby including those who are recovering from fever, fatigue and are especially recommended for infertile people. To nourish the body regularly to increase the warmth of the uterus good blood circulation It increases your chances of getting pregnant. But it is not recommended for mothers with a pregnancy of 1-3 months, because some herbs in all 3 formulas have a warm effect, which is suitable for mothers who are pregnant from 4 months and up and on after giving birth to nourish milk, nourish. the body, driving loamy water. “Black Chicken Soup by Professor Koi goes to the kitchen All 3 formulas contain no preservatives. and no MSG Can be kept in the freezer for 6 months. For those interested, ask for more details or order via Line Add.

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