“Kruba” asked to buy 1 million. Strange buffalo entered the textbook. The owner revealed that he lived with him. Money never runs out

“Kruba” asks to buy 1 million. The strange buffalo enters the textbook. The owner reveals that when Kruba asked to buy the first one. This piece is not for sale. because since being with Money never runs out

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On January 23, 65, reporters traveled to the house number 138, Village No. 11, Ban Pracha Suksan, Thung Na Ngam Subdistrict, Lan Sak District, Uthai Thani Province, after being informed that there were buffaloes in front of Dan, Hang Dok, Ta Phet, and white socks. buffalo Upon reaching inside the buffalo stables, they met Mr. Sathit Munmanee or Bangya, along with Ms. Wichitra Boonyang, both husband and wife. There are 10 buffaloes in the pen, of which the buffalo mentioned by the name of Saturn, 5 months old, is a female.

Mr Satit said that he previously had a career in raising buffaloes in Ranong province, then moved to his wife’s house in Uthai Thani province, where his wife’s buffalo was kept for about 100 rai, so the buffalo was moved from Ranong with him. A buffalo calf that is different from other buffaloes, 5 months old, female. The special characteristics are her face, flower tail, legs with 4 socks, diamond eyes, white buffalo, entering the textbook, which is a strange buffalo. He raised buffalo until he was 51 years old and had never seen a buffalo like this before.

Ms. Wichitra said that previously she and her husband raised buffaloes in Ranong during a 13-year period, with 10 mothers getting 3 exotic buffaloes, the first name is Fay, female, the second name is Den Siam, male. When it came out as a white-headed buffalo, diamond-eyed buffalo, with black spots on the cheeks, he saw something strange, so he took a picture and posted it on Facebook. After that, Kruba Boonlom, who lives in Phitsanulok Province, contacted him and asked to buy it at a price of 150,000 baht. Continue a word and ask for the account number to transfer money to you. This made him and his family very confused, but sold it to Kruba to charter a car from Ranong to Phitsanulok.

After about July 64, another buffalo in the pen gave birth to her baby. which is strange and not like other buffalo, different from the black buffalo As for the child, he has a white head, diamond eyes, white socks, white tail, two-colored horns. He was born on Saturday. therefore named the baby buffalo Phra Saturn After that, he took another picture and posted it on Facebook. until Kruba Boon Lom Knowing the news, contacted him to buy it at a price of 1 million baht, but he didn’t sell it and wanted to keep it. because since Saturn came The matter of money is never lacking.



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