KSRT ready to sell the gold and silver forgotten by the passengers C| ksrtc ready to sell the gold and silver forgotten by the passengers

Kannur: Pilgrims hide to save KSRTC caught elephant cart to sell gold and silver Between October 2012 and August 2022 in buses across the state, 338 papans were stolen from bus stands and depots, it was decided to auction gold ornaments and 1942.109 grams of money. 1.25 crores worth of jewelery in 10 years Passengers boarded KSRTC buses.

These have been kept in lockers for a long time, out of reach of the owner and heirs. 70 lakh when the jewelery was auctioned earlier in 2016 and 6.45 lakh in 2007. Paresh was available. Motor Vehicles Act and Commercial Accounts Manual Part One published Conduct the auction in accordance with the rules. Conductors put lost jewelery in buses It is normal to deliver in . They will be at the depot for a month waiting for the owner. Jewelery if it comes with proof of original ownership and a travel ticket will be returned.

A bond of 200 rupees and 10 percent of the value of the jewelry must be given as a storage fee. Transport Thiruvananthapuram Non Owner Gold and Silver It will be transported to the building and kept in a locker. In this case the state is out of a range of different depots and out of state Jewelery recovered from the buses operated by the service will also be auctioned.

In 2019, when the financial crisis became severe in KSRTC, Lam was determined to do so. After this, if the gold and silver are counted the auction did not take place due to the lockdown. The auction will be held on September 30 at the Thiruvananthapuram Transport Building. Electronics ranging from mobile phones and laptops beyond gold and silver tools and clothes X, umbrella and purses for three months It is usually auctioned at the Lorical Depot building. In 2016, 312 Pawan ornaments were auctioned. KSRTC has around 6000 services across the state

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