KSRTC ready to face strike; 751 rupees, priority will be given to those who are on the PSC list after the expiry date

Thiruvananthapuram: KSRTC management has taken stronger measures to face the indefinite strike announced by TDF, the labor organization from October 1. KSRTC Managing Director said that a list is being prepared for appointment of temporary ‘Badali’ drivers and conductors to prepare a new system in case there is a shortage of workers due to the strike. The KSRTC Managing Director said that the list is being prepared by giving priority to the drivers who are currently in the expired PSC list. Information about this has been given on the Facebook page of KSRTC.

Earlier, KSRT had stated that it will fight the strike strongly. As part of this, the management has warned that any worker who takes part in the strike will not receive the salary for the month of September.

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TDF, one of the recognized organizations of KSRTC, has given notice of indefinite strike from October 1. KSRTC has made all arrangements to run the service as usual without any inconvenience to passengers in this situation where heavy traffic is expected due to holidays and Puja holidays Navratri. As part of this, staff and buses have been arranged in all the state units. Assistance from Police / District Administrations was also secured for security and smooth operation.
Lists are drawn up to appoint temporary ‘replacement’ drivers and conductors in case of a shortage of workers on strike and an increase in traffic demand. For this, the list is prepared by giving priority to the drivers currently in the PSC list who have expired. Interested PSC Expiration Driver Rank List Candidates along with proof of practical experience should contact the nearest KSRTC unit as soon as possible. 715 daily wages as a duty and in the interest of providing transport to the general public during the above strike period only is appointed as an alternative.

Content Highlights: Management has stepped in to take stronger measures to deal with the KSRTC Strike

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