KT to pre-order ‘Galaxy Foldable Phone’ from the 16th

KT (CEO Koo Hyun-mo www.kt.com) will open the Samsung Electronics ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4 Flip 4’ series dictionary in KT stores nationwide and the official online center KT Shop (Shop, shop .kt.com) for 7 days from the 16th to the 22nd, it was announced on the 15th that there would be a reservation.

The pre-order opening is from the 23rd, and the official release is on the 26th.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes in three colours, ‘Phantom Black’, ‘Grey Green’ and ‘Beige’, and comes in two capacities: 256GB and 512GB.

The prices are 1,998,700 won (including VAT) and 2,119,700 (including VAT), respectively.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes in four colours: ‘Graphite’, ‘Pink Gold’, ‘Purple Purple’, and ‘Blue’.

The prices are 1353,000 won (including VAT) and 1474,000 won (including VAT), respectively.

The ‘white’ color of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is available as a special edition.

KT released ‘Y Edition’ and ‘Woo Young-Woo Edition’, and prepared special goods in partnership with the ‘Nice Weather’ brand and featured ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-Woo’, respectively.

The factory price of the Y edition is 1397,000 won, and the Wooyongwoo edition is 1386,000 won.

Pre-orders of ‘Z Fold 4’ and ‘Z Flip 4’ are provided with Samsung Care Plus 2-year damage warranty type ticket and 1 type of cover, 1 type of random collaboration accessory, and ‘Samsung.com app 30% discount coupon ‘. It also provides benefits like ‘YouTube Premium 4 months free trial’, ‘Willa Audiobook + Class free 3 months free trial’, and ‘OneDrive 100GB free trial for 6 months’.

In addition, a 3-month subscription to Genie Music, KT’s exclusive benefit, and a Sofitel accommodation voucher will be provided through the lottery along with a special Sofitel voucher to telecom users who purchased ‘Z Fold 4’ and subscribed to ‘Selective’ hotel membership.

Customers who purchase ‘Z Flip 4’ will receive a KT Y artist design palette per lot.

▲ (Source: provided by KT)

◆ Advanced booking and special benefits for ‘Y Edition’ only available at ‘KT Shop’ = The ‘Y Edition’ sold exclusively at the official KT online store is a model prepared through a partnership between the KT ‘Y’ brand and ‘Nice Weather’.

Y edition includes Galaxy Z Flip 4 White, KT Y Artist case and palette, and 5 types of fair weather goods (key ring, towel, cup, sticker pack, shopper bag) Behaviour.

As a special benefit of KT Shop, the optional MZ generation character, Mujik Tiger picnic set, will be presented to the first 1,000 customers who pre-order and open the service.

In addition, an S Pen Pro (300 people) will be given with the purchase of the Z Fold 4, and a genuine Samsung case and charger set (500 people) will be presented through many with the purchase of the Z Flip 4 .

Mobile ‘Accessory Plus Coupon’ and ‘KT Shop Coupon Pack’, which provide up to 9,000 earned per month for affiliate coupons for two years, are also provided.

◆ ‘Triple benefits’ to reduce customer burden, interest-free installments • Cashback • Rate reduction all at once = If you use the ‘triple benefit’ when buying Z-Fold Flip 4 from KT, you can receive ‘free installment interest’, ‘cashback discount’, and ‘rate discount’ instantly.

The ‘Triple Benefit’ can be used via Hyundai Card (2.0+/2.5/3.0), Woori Card (standard card), and Baro BC Card (Super/Super+).

Based on the ‘Hyundai card 2.0+’, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 installment fee is reduced by around 85,000 won, and a cashback discount of 70,000 won and a monthly telecom fee of 40,000 won won, up to a maximum of 960,000 discount won. .

However, it is based on customers with more than 1 million won in the previous month and no performance in the previous 6 months.

In addition, additional discounts can be offered through publicly announced subsidies or optional contracts, further reducing the burden on customers.

◆Content enthusiasts use ‘Tiving/Genie’s Choice’, and Galaxy enthusiasts use ‘Samsung Choice’ = KT considered the various tastes of 5G users with ‘Tiving / Genie’s Choice’ released in July and ‘Samsung’s Choice’ with new Galaxy Watch / Buzz models.

Teabing/Genie Choice is a rating system that allows you to enjoy popular domestic entertainment shows, dramas, and various music to your heart’s content.

Samsung Choice added the newly released Buds 2 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm, 44mm) as optional devices.

All devices can be used at a price below the factory price, so it’s a good choice for telecom users who are considering buying the new Buds 2 Pro and Watch 5.

In addition to the benefits included in the plan, you can subscribe to the OTT you want to watch.

Telecom users using Teabing/Genie’s Choice can subscribe to Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube Premium together, and if you apply by the 31st, you will receive a monthly membership discount of KRW 1,000 until the end of the year.

◆Z Fold 4 · Z Flip 4 complete terminal care program Change and release terminal insurance safely = ‘Safe Change’, which provides ‘phone exchange’ and ‘insurance benefits’ when using a new foldable phone, and ‘compensation for a used phone after 2 years’, will also be introduced.

Safe Change is a complete end-to-end care program that covers all situations that can occur throughout the financial consumer’s smartphone usage cycle.

Mobile phones can be exchanged up to two times over two years, including one for a new phone.

You can use the Fold 4 and Flip 4 for 10,000 won and 7,000 won, respectively, with a 50% discount on membership points on Choice Special (110,000 won per month) or above , and you can register until November 30th.

You can only buy final cover.

If you sign up for the newly introduced ‘My Family Phone Care’, you will be compensated for damage/loss, as well as damage to smart devices (Galaxy Tab/Watch 5/Buzz 2 Pro) and one line of family phone within the limit. You can register until 31 December.

◆ ‘Galaxy Watch 5• Watch 5 Pro’ pre-orders are also included, and special benefits for people in their 20s = Meanwhile, along with the foldable series, Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro will also be up for pre-order.

The ‘Galaxy Watch 5’ comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and costs 330,000 won (including VAT) and 363,000 won (including VAT), respectively.

The ‘Galaxy Watch 5’ Pro has twice the 45mm battery capacity, an extremely durable titanium body, and sapphire crystal glass.

‘Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition’ will also be prepared with a smart caddy.

The price is 528,000 won (including VAT) and 575,500 won (including VAT), respectively.

‘Watch 5 Pro’ offers ‘Buzz Live’ and ‘Watch 5’ offers ‘Full Cover Styling Pack’ or ‘Stonehenge Strapring’ for pre-orders.

We also offer special offers for people in their 20s.

Reflecting the tendency of people in their 20s to use smartphones and 2nd smart devices together, when both are opened, unique accessories for smart devices are provided.

By the end of the year, coupons will be provided for the purchase of free designer straps or tablet pouches for watches in Y-box ‘YSHOP’, and ‘Y x Z Club’ will be activated for Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 buyers to apply for benefits. offering 10,000 points and an upgrade to VIP membership level.

◆ Providing a new experience through the virtual reality space event experience ‘Meta Square’ KT = Meanwhile, KT has prepared a ‘Meta Square’ virtual reality experience store through Storywiz and Sears Lab’s ‘Mirror City App’ partnership for new experiences and new store concepts for telecom users Holding experiential events.

Galaxy Book Flex 2 (1 person), Galaxy Watch 5 (30 people), and Buzz 2 Pro (50 people) will be randomly given to customers who have pre-ordered at Metasquare, and Naver Pay won 10,000 for the first 500 people .provides

In addition, various prizes were prepared for the experience event.

Participation is available after installing the app and registering as a member via the Metasquare event page of the ‘KT Shop’ pre-order exhibition.

The experience event runs until 15 September.

Kim Byung-gyun, head of KT’s Device Business Division, said, “We have prepared KT’s unique benefits with the improved Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4.” You can experience popular products even without a burden.”


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