KTAM recommends 4 groups of PVD alternatives, which are flexible to respond to all types of lifestyle investments. increase stability after retirement

KTAM recommends adapting the provident fund scheme to suit current economic trends and conditions. Introducing prudent funds, Thai Mankong, Master Pool Fund, prudent funds with 16 various investment policies. Respond to all types of lifestyle investments

Mrs. Chavinda Hanrattanakul Managing Director Krung Thai Asset Management Public Company Limited revealed that the level of savings of the Thai population is currently still low and concentrated in a limited area. Including retirement savings through provident funds This is considered another important source of money in retirement. Investors investing in prudential funds should pay attention, take care, and adjust their portfolios to suit the current situation. and it should create discipline in saving for a stable future

“Provide a fund It is a fund that the employer and the employee set up jointly voluntarily. In which both parties will contribute a certain amount to the fund every month. The objective is to provide collateral to employees during retirement or resignation. Therefore, it is an important fund for employee stability. and with such hunger an agency or organization should choose the very prudent fund. There are various investment policies. Able to adjust the investment policy accordingly and meet the changing investment options In order to maintain investments to have a chance to grow regularly. In addition, he must pay attention to educating members to understand investments. so that members can choose investment plans that meet their needs under truly acceptable levels of risk,” said Ms Chavinda.

KTAM therefore recommends the Mankong Thailand Master Pool Provident Fund which is registered. The fund has 16 investment policies to choose from under 4 main policy groups, namely the bond policy group. mixed policy group Equity Policy Group and alternative policy groups by employers and employees can set and choose an investment plan under an acceptable level of risk These 16 investment policies have a variety of investment options, such as investing in gold. Investing in real estate funds mutual stock fund Equity Fund Mutual Fund and foreign investment funds, etc.

However, investments in thrift funds are long-term savings. that members will be able to use during retirement or when leaving work Therefore, choosing the right investment plan It should be based on current acceptable risk and reward. Including evaluating the goal of using money after retirement, how much money is needed each month for that initial assessment How much should be saved? And how much should the return be? Therefore, it will be enough to reach the investment goals.

In addition to the investment plans that can be selected and customized, KTAM also has an investment assistant “KTAM PVD Fund Application”, an application that facilitates the monitoring of prudent fund information 24 hours a day. Monthly payment fund balance summary Investment Policy Details change investment plans Retirement Planning Calculator as well as being able to follow the news and funding information including monthly and weekly investment strategies at any time

For those interested, you can ask for more information at Krungthai Asset Management at 0-2686-6100 press 9 or http://bitly.ws/sJFR.

Warning, investors must understand the nature of the product. Conditions of Return and Risk before investing

Source: Kith and Kin Communications and Consultant

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