“KTC” creates a New S Curve, making profits in the new year of 65, creating an app MAAI By KTC to penetrate the market to celebrate the new era.

“MAAI BY KTC is therefore a new product from KTC that provides services to business partners who need to use a comprehensive loyalty platform.

1. Membership Management System

2. Point System Management, which is not the partner’s own points Alternatively, MAAI POINT can be used for Loyalty Program as well. MAAI POINT can be used as a central point in exchange for other points. in the alliance on MAAI Platform as well

3. Benefit management system in the form of electronic coupons (e-Coupon Management) to provide a variety of points redemption to satisfy the customer group. Whether redeeming for e-Coupon (E-Coupon) or redeeming products at general partner stores Covering all spending categories such as shops, movie theaters, restaurants and delivery services. It will be officially launched in the first quarter of 2022 and in January 2022, it will be open for KTC employees to try at an early stage with 16 stores and will continue to expand more store alliances. The origin of the word MAAI (my) comes from the word MAK MAAI (many) meaning many benefits. with many partner stores and the ease of use that abounds It also sounds similar to the word Mine that you want to convey. Benefits belonging to the user and for the user (user) by downloading the app. to use through the Apple Store, Play Store and Huawei Store.

“The next business model is Secured loans with “KTC Pee Berm”, from now on, consumers will get to know and be more familiar with Pee Berm’s business. KTC will continuously expand its member base. To drive portfolio growth by leaps and bounds and achieve a loan target of 11.5 billion baht in 2022, focusing on proactively reaching target groups in each area through P’ Berm Delivery service by using KTC’s sales team across the country to provide loan services to the customers’ homes or a place where customers are convenient with speed Connected to channels of Krungthai Bank network of more than 900 branches nationwide and Krungthai Business Leasing (KTBL) 11 branches which is the main strategy and will focus on communicating through online channels which the target customers are mainly open to Including creating a variety of products that meet the needs of the market Whether it is a cash card “KTC Pee Berm”, which is the first time for car and motorcycle registration loans in the form of a cash card. that customers can swipe – transfer – press – pay installment through the card immediately Covering the car hire purchase business (Hire Purchase) under the license of Krungthai Leasing Business, in which KTC holds 75.05%, as well as developing work processes based on the principles of Digital Twin by bringing in technology. Apply for continuous loan application and approval to provide convenient services Faster and more secure, it also aims to fill a gap in the market. with different strengths from other operators With a large limit of 1 million baht, approved in 2 hours, ready to receive money immediately. Accepting all occupations and documents easily, without hassle, to reinforce the intention of doing business that opens opportunities and options for people to make a living who does not give up on every career can access the loan “KTC Pee Berm” is not difficult”

“KTC credit card and personal loan business in 2022 will focus on the growth of good quality debtor portfolio. Expand new target audience as well as maintaining the current member base by creating a good experience through marketing promotion activities that satisfy consumers by credit card business strategy will focus on expanding the card base with major partners both new product launches and develop and improve (Relaunch) co-branded credit card (Co-brand) to have the right benefits and connect members to the card in the long term. which customers will get the most benefit from the synergies between KTC and upcoming alliances. for card spending promotion strategies which KTC stands for being one of the most popular stores of members. will continue to use KTC FOREVER points and monthly installments as a driving force for marketing activities and in 2022 will use the strength of the partner network Expanded to premium group stores and more lifestyle to meet the needs of the existing top-level members and attracting more new target groups as well as to develop various services so that card members can get happiness from using the KTC Mobile app or KTC Phone, including travel services with “KTC World Travel Service” and shopping on e-marketplace “KTC USshop” by It is anticipated that spending via credit cards in 2022 will grow by 10% from 2021 or around 220,000 million baht.”

“While the strategy of the personal loan business will focus on expanding new member base in potential groups By offering credit, cash card “KTC PROUD” (KTC PROUD) to customers who have regular income and have a higher income base. with a campaign to lighten the burden of members Reduce interest to only 0.93% per month and increase installments for up to 60 installments. In addition, in 2022, Thai people will be more convenient to apply for loans online by themselves through mobile applications in The form of an online application (Electronic Application) through a digital identity verification system (Electronic Know Your Customer or E-KYC), which meets the needs of today’s society that requires convenience, speed, time saving, no need to travel. For the current personal loan member base of over 700,000, KTC will strive for long-term commitment through ongoing campaigns to ease the burden of members. including the Debt Clearing Program that has increased rewards to 600 rewards to give customers the opportunity to claim 100% and 10% debt clearing rights throughout the year, as well as developing online money transfers via PromptPay accounts for more convenience. In addition to transferring money through the KTC Mobile app to 13 banks in real time, 24 hours a day, as well as launching promotional campaigns with leading merchants. In order for customers to get value for money when using a cash card, swipe to buy products. and can also pay 0% installments at participating stores reinforcing the worthiness of using credit lines on all 4 cash card functions “swipe, transfer, press, pay installment” with the expectation that the debtor balance in 2022 will grow 7% from the year 2021″

“In terms of member base expansion strategies This year, the distribution channels have to work hard and proactively. to win every customer product into the port It uses the strengths of each product as a selling point. Combined with the strengths of the distribution channel through Krung Thai Bank as a public relations channel It is expected that the demand for personal loans this year will be high. due to the Thai economy

Just starting to recover, merchants or entrepreneurs still need working capital to borrow or expand their business. However, it is a challenge that KTC must scrutinize credit risk in order to benefit all parties. amidst fragile economic conditions By 2022, the goal is to add at least 250,000 new credit card members and at least 100,000 KTC Proud.”

“Efficient financial management It is another heart of doing business. The company will focus on managing financial costs to be at an appropriate level. under acceptable risk is important which will increase the proportion of short-term borrowing more It is expected that by the end of 2022, the ratio of short-term borrowings to long-term borrowings (Original Term) is at 20:80 and the cost of finance will be close to 2021 at 2.6 percent per year. in the amount of not more than 12,000 million baht to support debentures due in 2022 of 9,500 million baht and support the growth of KTC’s loan portfolio. However, the economic situation is still an important factor affecting the direction of interest rates. whether it is a mutation of a new strain of virus Announcing the reduction of the QE limit Federal Reserve interest rate hike forecast and the ability to recover the economy.”

“In addition, KTC also attaches great importance to the adoption of sustainability or ESG in both economic dimensions. society and environment To integrate with responsible business operations under the concept of Sustainable Development by Spirit to meet the needs of stakeholders and support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In the 5-year sustainability strategy, KTC will bring digital technology and innovation to create results in the development of products and services that create better experiences for customers and stakeholders. with a secure operating system create opportunities to access financial services for people in the society thoroughly and taking into account the reduction in the use of natural resources Reduce the impact on the environment in a concrete way In the past, KTC has been included in THSI’s (Thailand Sustainability Investment) list for the 3rd year and has been on the ESG 100 list since 2016. It has also received MSCI ESG Rating for the year 2021 at AA level. Selected as a member of the Global Sustainability Index “FTSE4Good Index series”



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