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KT’s ‘muktong’, which uses 19 million people, suffers one after another… mournful monday

by news dir

It was a Monday full of anger due to KT’s frustration. Credit card payments and QR authentication have stopped at restaurants. It was also cut off from stock trading and banking services. Students had to refresh the remote learning window without knowing why. One axis that has supported our lives in the midst of COVID-19 collapsed like this for an hour. The damage to the 19 million KT users is immeasurable.

First news, this is reporter Lee Do-seong.


The network failure started a little after 11 am.

Just before lunchtime, when customers flock to the restaurant, the internet was cut without notice.

As the payment machine stopped working for nearly an hour, some stores hadtily posted a notice saying that credit card payments were not possible.

Customers, accustomed to cashless life, had to find other payment methods instead of cards.

[김정아/음식점 운영 : 손님 많이 올 시간일 때여서, 손님이 결제하고 가야 하는데 현금이 없어서. 그냥 통장 입금, 자동이체한 거예요. 너무 손님한테 미안하고.]

Lunchtime is the busiest time of the day.

The delivery driver, who was waiting for the main topic, was also in vain.

This is because the delivery platform application was not working properly.

[황기수/배달노동자 : 저도 뭔지 모르고 핸드폰 끄고. 다시 재부팅해 보고 했는데 안 되더라고요. 상당히 불편하고. 우리는 벌이도 줄고 당연히 그런 거죠.]

[A씨/배달노동자 : 오늘 같은 경우 오전 일은 거의 망쳤다고 봐야죠. 배달하는 사람은 하루 벌어 하루 쓰는 사람이 많은데 통신망 장애라고 하니까 저희도 어쩔 수 없는 거고.]

I also stopped catching a taxi, where I was more accustomed to calling on my cell phone instead of waving on the street.

Even if you get in a car, you can’t use the navigation system, which has become essential for finding directions, and the confusion on the road has increased.

[B씨/택시기사 : 위치가 잘못돼서 그랬구나 싶어서 옮겨도 그래. 항상 그 자리에 서서 콜을 받거든. 주변으로 옮겨도 안 돼. 한참 뺑뺑 돌다 멀리 가서 있으니까 그때 정상적으로…]

A brokerage trading system, where large amounts of money are exchanged in just a few seconds, also caused a connection error.

At a time when stock trading was in full swing, brokerage firms informed us that access to the system was delayed.

The surprise and resentment of investors vying for the village also poured out.

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