Kubgib Luke boarded a plane back to Thailand. Make the fans completely out of focus

I can tell you that I am a mother of two who is absolutely beautiful and flawless. “Gubgib-Sumonthip Chee” The mother of Nong Pao Pao and Nong Pao Pei. and is the wife of Bie – Thatsapark Chee, who is now a young Bie Go International in China Kubgib girl acts as a mother without flaws. And she went to relax with friends in Korea without children.

until last Kubgib girl has just returned to Thailand, many people have seen the look of Korean women already. Let me tell you, her look on the plane back to Thailand is beautiful and very sexy. until many fans who have seen them like and admire the beauty of the mother andThey lost focus on their mother’s clothes. Wearing this dress adds even more cuteness and is very suitable for mom. Plus it’s sexy.

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