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Spears FL Tupa Finau supporting Lapeace and pushing to the goal (Photo: Takashi Takashio)

Kubota Spears Funabashi / Tokyo Bay, which had been canceled due to the confirmation of multiple new coronavirus infection-positive individuals in the opponent team, will hold the “NTT Japan Rugby League One 2022” at the Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium in Tokyo on January 15. In the first match of the game, NTT Communications Shining Arcs Tokyo Bay Urayasu defeated 19-9.

A battle that attracted attention as “Chiba Derby” and “Tokyo Bay Match”.
Both teams scored a penalty goal (PG) in the early stages, and in the 17th minute of the first half, which was greeted by 3-3, Spears shifted the mall from the lineout and passed FL Peter “Lappies” Labuschafni, who is also the captain of the Japanese national team. FL Tupa Finau who received the rush rushed powerfully and decided the try.

After that, the score moved in PG, and in the 77th minute (37th minute in the second half), which was reached in 16-9, the leading Spears approached the goal with a series of attacks, and although he could not take the second try on that day, the opponent had a foul. Yes, FB Gerhard van den Heifer scored in PG and got a safety lead.

The Spears were steadfast until the end and did not allow the Shining Arcs to try, winning the first race of the season.

Kubota Spears Funabashi / Tokyo Bay were treated as a bye in the opening round, so they now have nine points.
Shining Arcs Tokyo Bay Urayasu has 1 win and 1 loss (4 points).

Spears NO8 Faulua Maxi was selected for the Player of the Match (Photo: Takashi Takashio)


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