“Kulao Salted Fish Tak Bai”, great menu serving APEC 2022 leaders, more value than deliciousness

Kulao Salt Fish Shop, Aunt Uan It is a shop that has been chosen for the leaders of APEC countries in APEC 2022 to sell salted fish. Originally made for more than 35 years, making Aunt Uan’s salted Kulao fish. The fish will be dry and fragrant. It has a mellow salty taste.

proof of origin Salted Kulao Fish in Tak Bai must be fish from the Gulf of Thailand Tak Bai District Narathiwat Province and produced according to the process of quality selection Suitable size, fresh, not frozen. until the production process to pass inspection namely, Tak Bai salted Kulao fish producers are registered as members Including the need to obtain documentation for retrospective checking.

A popular dish that uses salted fish at Tak Bai. It is mainly fried and stir-fried dishes such as fried salted eel fish. Kulao Spicy Fried Fish Salad Stir fried kale with salted fish

As for the salted Kulao fish, Tak Bai is considered more valuable than tasty because as well as adding happiness to the family. from being part of the table In addition, it can also be used as raw material for the menu on the dining table. Welcoming APEC Leaders It can be seen that salted Kulao Fish in Tak Bai It is a valuable and excellent product. caused by the wisdom of Bai people


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