‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyung “I’m very good today… The goal is the Grand Slam” [LCK]

Lee “Kumayushi” Lee Min-hyeong enters before a match against Gen.G eSports on the 1st. Riot Games

T1 long distance dealer ‘Kumayushi’ Min-hyeong expressed his satisfaction with his performance.

T1 won round 3 of the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring rematch against Gen.G eSports (Gen.G) with a set score of 3 to 1, held at LoL Park in Jongno, Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st. T1 reached the final stage scheduled for the 9th.

Lee Min-hyung, who met with Cookie News after the match, was delighted, saying, “The team that goes to the finals first has an advantage, so it’s nice to win cleanly and advance to the finals.” Lee Min-hyung explained that after the second round of the playoffs against KT Rolster (KT), where they had a full set of bloody battles, it seemed that polishing the champion layer as a team had some effect on improving their performance.

Unlike KT’s game, T1 played the game relatively easily that day. Lee Min-hyeong did not agree with the reporter’s assessment that the match was tight, although the first to third set flowed in a long-term match. He said, “Gen.G seemed a bit squeamish today, so I thought we could win if we did well,” he said.

Lee Min-hyung brought out ‘Greedy’ and ‘Aphelios’ that day and played a big role. Even in the 3rd set he lost, he played an active role as the team’s last stronghold, driving Gen.G to the brink. Lee Min-hyung said, “I did well in the 1st and 2nd sets. In the 3rd set, I dealt damage with great power, but I made a mistake at the end. In the 4th set, I couldn’t do anything at a strong time and the match ended, which is unfortunate.”

At the end of the 3rd set, he allowed an unexpected push to his opponent and expressed his regret for recording a death which led to defeat. He said, “I thought that the line of battle should not be pushed in front of the Baron’s battle, so I tried to move vigorously. The blinking had about 20 seconds left. After ‘Wukong’ came in, I pressed Blink, but the cooldown was less. It was a shame he didn’t finish well,” he said.

Meanwhile, T1 became the first team in the LCK to reach the final stage for 4 consecutive times with the win. Lee Min-hyung, who debuted in the LCK as a member of T1 in 2021, is the protagonist of the record. In addition, T1 won the right to progress to the ‘Mid Season Invitational (MSI)’, an international competition to be held in May this year as well as last year. Lee Min-hyeong said, “If you include international competitions, it’s like reaching the final six times in a row. At the time, I was only second three times, so I really regretted it.” The goal is the Grand Slam,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, T1’s final opponent is yet to be decided. On the 2nd, the winner of the losing game between KT and Hanwha Life Esports (Hanwha Life Insurance) will face Gen.G for the right to advance to the finals on the 8th. When asked if there is a team he prefers to play against in the finals, Lee Min-hyung said, “To be honest, it’s not strange that someone comes up.” I hope someone from Gen.G or KT will come up,” he laughed. T1 faced Hanwha Life Insurance twice in the regular league, with a set score of 3 to 3.

Finally, Lee Min-hyung said, “We made it to the finals. This is the first step towards the Grand Slam. I will prepare hard and make sure I win.”

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