‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyung “The pick rise of today’s defeat, I quickly threw it away and won” [LCK]

(Export News Correspondent Choi Ji-young) Lee Min-hyung of ‘Kumayushi’ shared his thoughts on his second win in a row.

On the 14th, the first round of ‘2022 LCK Spring’, Fredt vs. T1, was held at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul.

On this day, T1 was difficult against Fredt, but achieved two consecutive victories with tenacious play. T1, who unfortunately gave up the first set, dominated the game with a different style for the second and third sets.

In an interview on Riot’s official broadcast after the match, Lee Min-hyung said, “I’m glad to think that the victory continued, and it’s good to ride the solo POG.”

Regarding the rise pick, he said, “It’s hard to say for sure about the rise tier, but today’s loss pick was thought to be Rise, and I think I won because I threw it away quickly.”

Lee Min-hyung recalled the situation back then, saying to Baron Steel No. 2, “I think the jungler was unfair because we delayed the cover.”

He also said about the unusual Arpels carry, “I thought I had to do a neck carry because Arpels is my main pick.”

‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok Lee’s Vex came out in 3 sets. Lee Min-hyung explained, “Sang-hyuk hyung writes well and is a good pick. I think the fans will see it often.”

In response to Hanwha Life’s one dealer Simon D’s ‘I want to compete with Kumayushi’, Lee Min-hyung said, “I liked being mentioned, and Simon D, fighting.”

In addition, he emphasized about the DRX match in the next match, “I think it will be fun because they are a strong enough bottom duo, and we will continue to win 3 in a row.”

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Correspondent Choi Ji-young



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