“Kung Ploy” is happy after “Sornram” says he will see the child once a week – INN News

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06 December 2021 – 15:32

After the previous young man – Sornram has picked up the list of 3 delicious dishes, ready to open his mind to update his life. Confirm now that he doesn’t want to return to his ex-wife and would like to devote all his time to work Raising Wichi’s daughter and take care of mom But if the situation of COVID-19 Even better, he was willing to let his ex-wife see her child once a week.

This event made Kung Ploy-Kanitharin, the former wife of Sornram’s young man, so happy that he could barely keep his symptoms. Recorded a clip of dancing to the song Do Di Dong with a caption that said, “Yay, I will see you soon. 1 day a week already

After the covids disappeared, he told me to wait. I waited with purpose. ❤️@veeji_theappitak #Love you baby #mother will make a new sculpture for you to see.”

Among the fans who came to the comments to support and congratulate Kung Ploy who was close to meeting his daughter after a long wait

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