Kunnamkulam Mahout Students Missing – Three children who left the country to become an elephant mahout in Kunnamkulam have been found. Manorama Online

3 school pupils who were missing from Pazanji Govt. School, Thrissur, were found from Peramangalam Thechikotkavu. 3 14 year old students went missing last night. They came home after class. He later left the house saying he was going for lessons. They left the place with written letters with the intention of becoming elephant priests.

The police team had discovered that the much worshiped Thechikotukav Ramachandran had gone to the place where the horn was kept and inquired whether they would be made priests. Afterwards, the area was searched, but the children could not be found. Later, locals and the police joined forces to search for the children in different parts of Thrissur district, focusing on KSRTC centers and railway stations, but to no avail.

The children were found in the tourist bus parked on the grounds of the Peramangalam Techikotukav temple around dawn. Following the suggestion that they had arrived here, an investigation was carried out here, but they could not be found at the initial stage. Later, the locals saw one of the children coming out and informed the police. The Peramangalam police arrived and found the children inside the tourist bus during the inspection.

English Summary: Thrissur students went missing to be found

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