Kuwait City Implements Stricter Rules: Expats Must Pay Traffic Fines Before Traveling

Kuwait Implements Stricter Travel Rules for Expats

Expatriates Must Settle Traffic Fines Before Traveling

In an effort to enforce road safety and reduce traffic violations, Kuwait has imposed new regulations requiring expatriates to settle any outstanding traffic fines before being allowed to travel. The Ministry of Home Affairs has stated that individuals who fail to comply with this requirement will be prohibited from leaving the state.

The directive, which came into effect last Saturday, was issued by the Directorate of Security Relations and Media. It aims to ensure that expatriates, regardless of the severity of their offenses, pay the penalties for their past infractions. Even minor fines can now lead to travel restrictions.

To facilitate the payment process, expatriates can settle their fines through the Ministry of Home Affairs’ online portal or by visiting the local payment offices. Additionally, payment facilities have been set up at airports and border checkpoints to provide expatriates with more convenient options.

By implementing this new measure, Kuwait hopes to significantly reduce the number of traffic violations and enhance road safety for all residents. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a stern reminder to all individuals to abide by the rules of the road, as stricter enforcement is expected to deter future infractions.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that vehicles with outstanding fines will not be permitted to leave the state. Expatriates must settle all penalties before obtaining permission to travel outside of Kuwait.

Kuwait City: Fines for breaking the rules of the past Can’t leave the state without it. Expats must pay traffic fines before travelling, and the Ministry of Home Affairs also said those who are not there will not be allowed to travel.

The rule came into force from Saturday. Decision on the collection of expatriate fines before leaving the country The Director General of the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the actions are part of the Directorate of Security Relations and Media notification.

Exiles without paying the penalty for past crimes No more traveling through airspace. With this, surveillance cameras and other systems capture the story. Even minor fines for past offenses can lead to travel bans. PENALTIES FOR PAST OFFENSES Ministry of Home Affairs Online It can be paid through the portal or through the offices of the previous department.

Set up at airports and border checks The fine can also be paid through payment offices. The aim of the new measure is to reduce road safety and accidents The problem is that as the law becomes stricter, the number of offenses decreases in intensity New guidance has been issued that everyone must follow the rules’ r road and it is expected that there will be fewer traffic violations with Lak.

Fines for vehicles with past offenses Valid for expatriates to travel outside the state There is control. The state cannot pay for such vehicles unless the fine for offenses is paid. Get permission to leave Tirthi.

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